A Description Of The Movie "Schindler's List" As Well As Character Analysis And Theme Of The Movie.

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In September of 1939 World War II started and Polish Jews were forced to register and relocate.

Oskar Schindler walked into the Jewish Council to find Itzhak Stern. Schindler wants to open an enamelware factory with Stern's help. Jewish people are now living in ghettos and they cannot own businesses. In the early months of 1941 some Jews are forced to leave Krakow and go to other towns. In June 1942 Germans build forced labor camps (or work camps) in Plaszow, while deportation and shooting is going on in the Krakow ghettos. In February 1943 Amon Goeth takes command of the work camps in Plaszow. Then on March 13 - 14 in 1943 the ghettos were liquidated and Jews taken to either work camps or to Auschwitz (a death camp). Schindler wants to expand his factory to Plaszow and succeeds in March of 1943. Schindler goes out to try and recruit workers for his company. Then Schindler was interviewing secretaries for his factory and then he picked all of the pretty women for the job. He then hosts a party for all of the Nazi officials at his own expense and sends them gift baskets with all of the best wine, cheeses, etc... Schindler's mistress comes to the door and his wife answers, she is angry with him. He takes his mistress out to dinner where he sees his "girlfriend". They go home and Schindler's mistress says the only way she will stay with him is if he promises not to sleep with anyone else. He cannot keep that promise so she leaves on a train.

One day Itzhak Stern brings an old man with only one arm to Schindler. The old man wants to thank Schindler for his job and he is working hard for Schindler. After the man leaves Schindler is angry with Stern because he thinks that a man with one arm is useless as a factory worker. The Jews are now forced to shovel snow and the Nazi soldier's pick the one armed man out of the line. They also think he is useless and he tries to explain that he is one of Schindler's workers, and that he is very useful. The soldier's laugh at him and shoot him in the back of the head. Schindler wants some compensation for the lost worker but is asked how useful the man was since he only had one arm. Schindler explained that he was a skilled metal worker and that he was very useful.

Itzhak Stern forgets his work pass at home and his name is put on a list and he is boarded on a train. Schindler comes down to the train station and tells the guards that Stern doesn't belong on the train, and he threatens the two guards. They find Stern and take him off the train and Schindler is angry with him. The luggage that the Jewish people had to leave behind is taken into a building and put into piles (pictures, clothing, gold, silver...) . The Jewish jewelers sit at tables and examine different jewels for their value. One jeweler has gold teeth, taken from the mouths of Jewish prisoners, dropped in front of him.

Amon Goeth goes to see the Jewish women workers. They line up for him and he tries to choose a...

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