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A Description, With Proof, Of Problems Facing Russia Since The Dissolution Of The Soviet Union, These Problems Include Economic Ails, And Political Leaning Back Towards Communism.

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Certain Communist RevivalSince the dissolution of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991, the country now known as Russia has been going through many of the tough growing pains that such countries as it go through in their formative years. Inflation, political instability, economic turmoil and lack of enfranchisement are all issues that lead the populace to turn back to communism in hopes that all will be returned to the condition that the state was in the 1960s. This revival of communism is an issue that invariably touches all people in Russia in different ways. There are different schools of though shared by most in Russia. For some, a revival of the old system would bring back the supposed prosperity enjoyed in the 1960s, for others, a return to the communist system would create more jobs in the newly nationalized industries that were previously private. Yet for others a revival would mean a certain dooming end to the nascent free-market economy now enjoyed by the Russian public. Different groups handle this issue differently, but everyone has a certain opinion about its worth to the country.There are those in the Russian population that feel that a return to the old Soviet system would bring back the opulence and success that the former Soviet Union enjoyed in the early-to-mid 1960s, the era of Nikita Khrushchev. During this era in Soviet history, more pharaonic projects completed than at any other time in USSR's history. Such projects as White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal and the launch of the first person into space put the Soviet Union into the forefront of the world, made its name be synonymous with success of the socialist/communist doctrine. During that time, the Gross Domestic Product was also growing at a rate of 6 percent per year , larger than the current 5% GDP of the United States . Even though Russia right now enjoys a 6.3% GDP , but the purchasing power parity is only $7,700 much lower than the American counterpart of $36,000. This would certainly mean that the former USSR was a much more complete and established economy than Russia of today tries to be. It is therefore understandable that its populace would want to return to days of yesteryear, when their economy was on par with that of the west.Return to communism, as many think, would also create new and better opportunities in the work force. As Russia would nationalize its industries, that is make the state-run instead of private-run, there would be a need for more jobs both managing and working in the bureaucracy. This was certainly true of the old Soviet system, where...

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