A Descriptive Book Review On Troy By Homer De La Salle University Review

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A. Book Details:
Title of the Book: Troy
Director: Adele Geras
She is born 15 March 1944, an English writer for young children, teens and adults. Her husband was the Marxist academic Norman Geras and their daughter Sophie Hannah is also a novelist and poet.
Year: 2000
Number of Pages: 358 pages
B. Story Elements:
“Love is not for the weak. Love is for the one who knows how to fight for it”
This is a theme inspired by the love of Prince Paris to Helen, wife of Menelaus. Even though Paris doesn’t know how to fight or what is death, he still wants to pursue his love for Helen. It is though not a good reason to pursue.
“A family’s love is greater than any love you’ll ever receive”
Another theme for the book because Prince Hector, Paris’ brother, never left him in this
war of love.
Falling in love with a book is exactly like falling in love with a person. In both cases, most of the time, you just can’t help yourself and what happens during the falling is almost entirely out of your control.
It is like a historical documentary/biography with action because it depicts the life of the Trojans, Greeks and Myrmidons during the Trojan War where thousands of people died and the war lasted for 10 years.
Intended Audience:
This book is for people who could take care of too much violence. Adults are the intended audience, to be precise.
This book’s context is historical because as what I’ve said in the type, it is a Greek story of the Trojan War which happened way when all lands are not in proper owners.
Awards Earned by the Book:
This book is shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize and Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal. The book also received Boston Globe/Horn Book Award Honor Book designation for fiction/poetry.
There are five settings in this book but it all happened in Greece. First one is in Sparta where King Menelaus together with his wife, Helen, lives. Second is in Mycenae, the kingdom of Menelaus’ brother, King Agamemnon. The third place is in Ithaca where they went to fetch Odysseus to fight for the war. Odysseus is King of Ithaca. Fourth place is in Phtia where Odysseus was ordered to ask Achilles to fight with the Greeks for Trojan War. Last place is Troy, across the Aegean Sea from Greece where almost ¾ of the book were read. It is where the war happened and it is ruled by King Priam, father of Paris and Hector. It happened in about 1250 BCE or 3200 years ago as stated at the start of the book where they mostly believe in gods and goddesses.
Let us start by naming the person who “started” (though he is not really the starter because in the Greek history there are other people who started the war like Zeus) the war. Prince Paris is not the war-soldier kind of man but you can say his charm really can captivate a woman’s heart even those who are already taken. He is not as strong as his brother, Prince Hector, Sons of Priam. Priam is the King of Troy. Hector is the bravest man in Troy and he is the...

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