A Descriptive Summary Of The Movie Hugo. English Essay

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Hugo Movie Yearly Exam
Write 5-10 points on:
Character, plot, interesting film techniques, themes, inspiriting quotations
*Set in France (they are speaking French but we hear it in English) Suspension of disbelief
*Set in 1931
Automaton Definition
a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.
• a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances.
• used in similes and comparisons to refer to a person who seems to act in a mechanical or unemotional way: she went about her preparations like an automaton.
1. Hugo lives in a huge clock tower in a French train station. There are many shops and shopkeepers, there is also a guard and his dog. Hugo is spying on a particular shop that has toys and machinery.
2. Hugo tries to steal machinery/parts from the shop (parts of a wind-up mouse) the shopkeeper catches him (taking Hugo’s notebook) Hugo runs, the shopkeeper shouts thief, alerting the guard and his dog. The guard chases Hugo throughout the train station knocking over many civilians. (Hugo escapes) The shopkeeper says he is going to burn Hugo’s notebook.
3. Hugo follows the shopkeeper home. Hugo finds out that the shopkeeper has a daughter called Isabelle. He begs for Isabelle to get is notebook, she doesn’t make any promises but says she will try. Hugo has a flashback of when his alcoholic uncle told him that it father died in a fire accident at the museum.
4. Hugo is back in the station and succeeds at stealing a pastry and bottle of milk, he is almost caught by the train station guard. Hugo approaches the shopkeeper asking if his book could be returned, he is given a piece of fabric by the shopkeeper, the fabric is filled with ashes of the assumed “notebook”. Isabelle finds him crying and tells him that the notebook wasn’t burned and the shopkeeper (Isabelle’s guardian) became very upset when he saw it.
5. Hugo is told to fix a fake mouse that doesn’t work (a request from the shopkeeper - Papa George) he succeeds in fixing it. Papa George is impressed by his skills and offers him a job at the shop (Papa George says he will be given the notebook back if he works for a certain amount of time) Hugo decides to start work straight away. Isabelle tells Hugo about how she isn’t allowed to watch movies (Hugo tells Isabelle that the first movie his dad watched was the rocket going into the moons eye), she also tells him that her parents died when she was younger. Hugo tries to go back to the clock tower Isabelle wanted to see it, she gets knocked down multiple times by civilians, Hugo helps her up and then finally lets her see the clock tower.
6. Isabelle has a key heart necklace that is the same as the keyhole in the back of the human-like automaton. The automaton draws something that they do not understand. The machine starts to draw more, the end result is an extract from the first movie Hugo’s dad first saw,...

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