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A Detailed Overview Of Jezebel From The Bible.

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1JezebelJezebel was persecuted in the Bible by people of the Hebrew faith, because she was a female with great power and refused to renounce her religious beliefs. I will argue that Jezebel's actions and way of life was not any different from other rulers or prophets at that time, but was condemned because of her religious beliefs, and gender.According to the Bible, Jezebel was an evil woman for a variety of reasons. She was considered evil because she used her charm and manipulated others to achieve her ends. She didn't worship the Hebrew God, Yahweh, but worshipped her own god Baal, and goddess, Asherah. This created a conflict between Jezebel and many others, because she refused to renounce her religious beliefs. Her act against the prophets and ruthlessness were considered a sin by Elijah and others. Her sins also include the false charges against Naboth, resulting in his death, and the threat of death against Elijah. She is not only considered evil for her actions, but also for not being subservient, as most women were during this time. In Kings I-16: 32 and II-9: 22 Jezebel was considered a harlot and a dominating wife who had great influence over Ahab, which caused him to sin and do wrong. According to the Bible, Jezebel who is looked upon as evil is challenged by Elijah, who is looked upon as good.I do not believe Jezebel acted worse than any other ruler or prophet of that time. Ahab murders as well, after he discovers Naboths death and takes control of the vineyard. "Thus says the Lord, "Have you killed and taken possession" (Kings I-17: 19). Ahab humbles himself before the Lord and is spared the evil that the Lord had initially put on him. Jezebel is never even given an opportunity in the bible to defend herself for any of her crimes.2Her religious beliefs were different from the Hebrews, but she ruled Israel with great strength and power. She was expected to relinquish her own religion and follow Ahab's. She not only continues to practice her own, but also tries to convert the Yahweh prophets and when they do not convert, she murders them. This takes power and audacity to commit such a heinous act. She must be equated with Elijah who does the same thing to her prophets. Provoked or not, he has broken one Yahweh's laws. The consequences of their actions are the same.When Jehu came to seek Jezebel to end her life she did not run and hide, but stood up to him, and mocked him in public. It took great pride and courage to stand up to Jehu, she could have fled, but she elected to stay. Elijah challenged paganism to a test to determine the true god and all the prophets were killed, Jezebel's reply was so strong that it sent Elijah to seek shelter in the wilderness. Her actions were not of a person with weaknesses, but someone who had great strength.The people who judge Jezebel's character were from the Hebrew religion, and they worshipped one God, whereas she worshipped more The law by which Elijah and others follow is Yahweh, but this is not...

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