An In Depth Case Study Of Scientology Outlining Why It Is Strongly Opposed In Contemporary Society.

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1.0 Hypothesis:The practises of applying psychotherapy to weaken a person's mind and brainwashing him / her, in exchange for money is a contributing factor to it's opposition in the local community.2.0 Synopsis:Scientology is seen as a radical new approach to mental therapy and has developed into one of the fastest growing religious denominations of the world. The purpose of this report is to examine firstly, the legitimacy of the process of auditing and secondly, how the local community perceives this practice. A combination of text resources, interviews and attendance of various associated services were used to gain this information. The report will highlight that the practice of auditing is a serious threat to the community.A number of professionals testify to the idea that scientology is potentially dangerous to a person's mind because it takes away choices and the ability to think rationally. This view is echoed by the majority of people in society who believe that scientology is potentially dangerous and can cause serious damage to a person's mind and well being. However, people associated with the organisation argue that it is a life changing experience and it has helped them through their lives. This report advocates Scientology to be a misleading "religion" made up of lies and rhetoric methods to lure people into giving their money to this corrupt organisation.3.0 Method of Enquiry:The information in this report has been compiled through extensive research of text resources. Interviews with various relevant members of the Church of Scientology Brisbane were conducted and observational evidence was gathered from attendance at various associated services. Additionally, interviews with counsellors were conducted to assess their views on methods of psychology procedures such as auditing.4.0 Introduction:Scientology is a new religion which has aroused storms of controversy all over the world. Yet, people of the religion believe that few people outside the movements rapidly expanding membership understand the real principle of its teaching which is why it is so vigorously opposed by influential groups through out Australia. Fundamental to this opposition is the belief that scientology brainwashes it's followers into donating a substantial amount of money to the organisation in exchange for what they are led to believe is a cure for their fears. This report will examine the legitimacy of the process of auditing and the benefits for those who undergo the process. Additionally, the report will examine the community's views on this process.5.0 L. Ron Hubbard:For more than thirty years, the Church of Scientology has vigorously promoted an image of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, "a philosopher who devoted his life to finding answers to questions that have troubled mankind for millennia. Ron had said that the aim of the religion is to create "A civilisation without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest...

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