A Development Proyect In Pakistan Essay

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The purpose of this report is to create a fictitious company that will start and deliver a sustainable development project in my country Pakistan. The objective of this report is to analyze two companies that will carry out sustainable development projects, and compare their organizational structures. This report has been requested by Middlesex University, Hendon as a part of my International Foundation Program. The intention of this report is to understand how to construct an organizational structure. The limitations faced as a student in this report could are the restriction of 1,500 words.

2) Literature review

2.1 Organizational structure

( GIVE AUTHORS NAME Business Studies for A level, pp212) explains an organizational structure as the hierarchy of the company and the way power and authority is shared in a company. It depicts the reporting lines within each department and within the organization itself. There are two types of organizational structure tall and flat. Or centralized and decentralized. Both organizational structures have advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of a tall structure it is costly to run, communication is limited. On the other hand the manager has clear control of the employees, and there are more possibilities of promotion.

2.2 Business ownership: means having total control over a business, and having the authority to function operations in a particular way. Business ownership can be acquired in 3 different ways; setting up your own business, franchising, and purchasing a company. There are five types of business ownership namely; Search 5 types of legal structures
(http://finance.mapsofworld.com/ownership/ )

2.3 Sustainability: Sustainability can be defined as the use of the earth’s natural resources in a way that they are available for us now and in the future so that we do not run out. Projects to promote sustainability are now being run by different companies and governments. There are different types of sustainability projects such as recycling and the use of electric or hybrid cars instead of fuel cars to reduce carbon emissions. Another example of a sustainability project is the use of turbines to create electricity. Sustainability projects are now been run all over the world.


3) Methodology

The research for this report was carried out using different sources such as Journals, books, online articles, handouts, and websites. The aim of this report was to analyze and compare two different companies, and make my own fictitious company. Research was not easy, as I had to look through a lot of different companies, and selecting the two right companies was challenging. The First steps taken during the research included reading online articles, journals, and surfing through websites. This whole process took 12 days. Setting up your own fictitious company was a unique experience. It seemed...

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