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Anita Desai, an exceptional writer, wrote a many stories. One that is referenced in the text book, A Devoted Son, is a short story simply about a boy in India who had won a scholarship for a college career in which he proceeded to do. However, with that said, the son in the text becomes a type of doctor. With this young man’s schooling he will have to make a choice in the story, which will lead to taking care of his father. Between the original planning of A Devoted Son and the final product, written by Anita Desai, she in fact has a different outcome then what she had expected. In Fact, when Desai plans her writing, it was far different than what she was used to. A short story, like A ...view middle of the document...

With this said, this does indeed live a lasting impression on his very own son, Rakesh. Not only since he is studying at a medical school, later on (due to their customs in India), Rakesh will have to do something that most of us could not do.
Second most, in the story A Devoted Son there is an understanding of Rakesh wanting to leave his country due to his medical school experience. As stated in the text, “All this was very gratifying for the old man. What was not so gratifying was that he even undertook to supervise his fathers diet.” (Prentice Hall Literature Volume Two [page 1424]). Again, as most of us begin to age we rely on our children to take care of us until we die. As represented in this text, Rakesh does exactly what most would not do. Usually being placed in a home where other people shall take care of your parent, it is the complete opposite with Rakesh’s customs. With his medical background, Rakesh is able to also provide for him and help him in any way he can, even though old people do become ornery people as they age.
Finally, in the prewriting of this text, Desai had some similarities and difference with her final outcome. Even though Rakesh’s old man does not do what Desai had expressed in the prewriting of this story, it can follow some of the same guidelines. “God is calling me—now let me go.” Stated Rakesh’s father (Prentice Hall Literature Volume Two [page 1429]). This man does not wonder the streets; however, this angry man has done something very different. In the prewriting of this story, it...

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