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A Diet For A Healthier Planet

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“Ethical and spiritual concerns have motivated abstention from meat since ancient times, dating back to Greek philosophers Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, and Porphyry” (Ruby 1). More recent philosophical arguments that have been put forth for vegetarianism include animal rights, concern with the killing of animals and identity with the animal world. Vegetarianism was first advocated in ancient Greece; this diet was formed by the religion believes, rather than scientific principle. However, these days, vegetarianism, which has been growing steadily in popularity and now counts approximately 7 million American followers (Kieswer). More and more people become vegetarian in order to have a healthier life style. In addition, there has been an increasing number of vegetarian dishes appear in many restaurants’ menu; the food sells in grocery store clearly label the ingredient to inform people whether it is a hundred percent vegetarian. Vegetarianism has become a popular diet of the world.
For people who are non-vegetarian may ask why people choose to be vegetarian? Do these people just want a healthier diet or just follow the popularity like others? However, there’s one more reason: create a healthier planet. Being a vegetarian is not only for personal interest, it also helps the whole planet get rid from suffering pollution, hunger and illnesses etc. In fact, vegetarian has adequate nutritious value and more health benefit, more moral contribution and more environmental preservation.

Nutritious Value and Health Benefit

Our metabolism, which developed in the Paleolithic era, when food was not easily available at all times, creates an intrinsic desire for energy-rich foods. (Saxena 5) And this incorrect and misleading concept made people believe that a diet containing a lot of meat, egg and milk is better for health than wheat, vegetables and fruits. From the documentary Vegucated, there’re still some people not willing to become a vegetarian because they think meat not only taste good but also more nutritious.
Actually, vegetarian diet is nutritionally adequate that can the meet the bodies’ daily needs same as the non-vegetarian diet. In addition, it can create more health benefits than non-veteran diet.


For the nutrition aspect, protein and fat is one of the most important nutrients. Compared to the meat diet, people will think it’s hard to get enough protein from vegetables and fruit. However, this is incorrect.
Protein not only exists in the meat and eggs. Many vegetables contain high protein such as soy-based foods. Actually, we absorb a huge amount protein from the vegetables than we can think of. According to the Michigan State University Bread Study, conducted three decades ago, found that when college students were fed diet for 50 days that provided 70 g of protein per day, 90%to 95%of which was derived from wheat flour with the remaining protein coming from vegetables, the study subjects were in nitrogen balance (Carlson 18)....

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