A Different Kind Of An Experience

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The assignment I choose was to go to a gay and lesbian club. Coming from a conservative cultural background, growing up I had very little knowledge about the gay and lesbian community. I come from an Indian background. Therefore, someone to identify themselves as gay or lesbian was considered taboo and were not accepted by society. Well does this mean that there were no gays or lesbians? Of course there were.
I was born and raised in New York, within an Indian Family. Like any conservative family came many restrictions. As a child, I was also taught the right and wrongs of our society. There were many times where I disagreed with my parents’ beliefs. Going to school and interacting with ...view middle of the document...

To get a better understanding of how I felt sexually, I went to a gay and lesbian club called “Metropolitan”. The Metropolitan, gay club is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Metropolitan is a well known club for gay and lesbian prides to freely enjoy themselves. It’s also a very friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
There are many gay clubs and after searching online I found “Metropolitan” very interesting because of the pictures displayed on their website. I went with two friends, a girl named Kimberly and a guy named Jason. I choose to take both genders to observe and understand their behavior, attitude and perspective. At first I had to practically beg Jason to come. He agreed only because he would get to see and meet girls. Kimberly on the other hand was excited and didn’t have any problems going to either a gay or a lesbian club. I found that very interesting and when we got there I saw many different reactions from them.
We planned on going to Metropolitan on a Monday thinking it would be less crowded. As we approached the club, Kimberly and I got out the car, while Jason looked for parking. We arrived to the club around ten o’clock. As we entered the bouncer outside told us that they were filming for a movie inside the club, our reaction was hey we will be in a movie! When we were about to enter the club we were so nervous. I honestly didn’t know how things would turn out to be. All I kept thinking was that the pictures on the website were appealing. When we entered the club we approached the guy who took our entrance fee. The guy was really nice and welcoming. I found that to be a good start.
Once we entered, Kimberly and I were just standing in the corner. We couldn’t help but just stare at first. Although it wasn’t the first time we had seen gay or lesbian couples. We saw a lot of guys dancing and having a good time. Kimberly couldn’t help herself; so she joined the dance floor. I saw her talking to some guys and having a good time. Jason and I went towards the bar and ordered some drinks. We were enjoying the drinks and the music. The place had a gaming area. But I decided to stick with the drinks. Jason was busy checking out some girl. But being in this environment was just something totally extraordinary. We walked around and the people didn’t look at us any differently....

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