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A Diffident Germany Reconstructs Into A Powerful European Nation

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“Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart,” said Manfred von Richthofen, a fighter pilot for the German Imperial Army in the early 1900s. Manfred’s patriotism and determination truly embodies the style of leadership presented by the rising German leaders in the early twentieth century, At the end of World War I, Germany was put into shame- disgraced and accused of instigating the “Great War.” But as new time came for Germany, many factors lead to the rejuvenation of the country’s people, perhaps caused mostly by Germany’s vigorous leadership, military sufficiency, and effective economy. These elements of Germany’s reinvigorated ...view middle of the document...

In a concluding statement, TIME Magazine wrapped up their claim of Hitler’s greatness in this statement, “all these events were shocking to nations which had defeated Germany on the battlefield only 20 years before… When without loss of blood [Hitler] reduced Czechoslovakia to a German puppet state, forced a drastic revision of Europe's defensive alliances… Adolf Hitler without doubt became 1938's Man of the Year” (TIME). Perhaps this contends that the method of execution Adolf Hitler used towards his plan was in a fashion rather peculiar; something that, at that time, nobody had ever tried before. "What Adolf Hitler & Co. did to Germany in less than six years was applauded wildly and ecstatically by most Germans. He lifted the nation from post-War defeatism. Under the swastika Germany was unified. His was no ordinary dictatorship, but rather one of great energy and magnificent planning” (TIME). This statement from TIME magazine supports the idea that Hitler was able to spring forward Germany’s economy in record time from when the country was at rock bottom, to being the strongest in the world. Previous to Hitler’s reign, Germany’s economy was in shambles and altogether, the country simply was not unified, but with Hitler’s motivation and focus on excelling Germany on the world scale. That describes the unusual methods of Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship. TIME’s statement also shows that at the time, Hitler’s quiet plan to rid of Jews and Communists altogether was not well known, nor seen as a threat to others. He was just seen as the greatest rising leader of their time.
As the new century began, Germany’s economy was far behind the other leading nations, but Hitler fabricated a globally disapproved economic strategy to eliminate unemployment and skyrocket the country’s economic stance. More than 7,000,000 people in Germany were unemployed before his plan was launched, and when it began to take effect, “unemployment was solved by: 1) a far-reaching program of public works; 2) an intense rearmament program, including a huge standing army; 3) enforced labor in the service of the State (the German Labor Corps); 4) putting political enemies and Jewish, Communist and Socialist jobholders in concentration camps” (TIME). Adolf Hitler used the strategy of keeping his four year economic plan a secret to prevent potential widespread opposition. “In the memorandum, Hitler set a twofold task: to make the… German economy fit for war within four years. To achieve this goal, the plan aimed at creating a self-sufficient and independent German economy and particularly at protecting German agriculture against war conditions, making it able to withstand a blockade to the maximum. Hitler sought the goal of self-sufficiency through the pursuit of an expansionist policy and through stress on making Germany less dependent on outside raw materials” (Gutman). These last two quotes prove that Hitler prioritized equipping Germany for warefare at the expense of anything, and...

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