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An Issue Of Morality. Abortion. Cited With Footnotes.

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Abortion is and has been one of the most controversial moral issues for centuries. The ongoing debate on whether or not abortion is acceptable has been evident in not only government legislation, but social mediation as well. Pro-life activists insist that killing a baby while inside the mother's womb is immoral and on the same level of manslaughter, and therefor should be outlawed. They say that homicide is illegal in the U.S. while in many states, abortions are not. How can one form of killing be criminal while another is authorized in more than half of the country? Pro-choice activists stress the importance of option, saying that different circumstances allow for different decisions by the woman that has been impregnated. The decision of whether or not a woman is to become a mother lies entirely in the hands of the woman, and no type of government ruling is to change that. There is no well-defined line dividing person from non-person. Both the conservative and liberal standpoints are too extreme and abortions can be both justifiable and at times felonious.In the United States, women choose to end about 25% of their pregnancies through abortion. Still Pro-Life activists have been pushing towards legislation that will outlaw abortions entirely. They successfully influenced government officials to provide laws that restrict abortion, yet most of these laws soon prove to be ineffectual and rarely pass through congress. Recent passage of the legal distribution of the RU-486 allows for the prescription of this pill, which will induce abortion. This antiprogestin is to be taken 49 days after the start of the woman's last period. It then triggers the immediate shedding of the uterine wall, or in other words, the start of the period. This eventually expels the embryo causing some discomfort to the female. As of May 2002, initial indications are that about 29% of women who are eligible to use RU-486, and to whom it was offered, have chosen it in preference to a surgical abortion. ( laws legalize or restrict abortions. One of the earliest and most famous was Roe vs. Wade in 1973. The Supreme Court ruled that a woman could freely decide whether she wants to keep her child or terminate her pregnancy during the first trimester. This was decided after a pregnant woman, Roe, challenged the constitution of Texas which only allowed abortion in extreme cases, the decision left the judgement up to the impregnated woman. A 1989 ruling in Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services the Supreme Court declared that human life began at conception, and that Missouri owned property could not be used to provide abortions. Another distinguished case that further restricted abortion is Ohio v Akron Ctr. for Reproductive Health, which ruled that a parent or guardian must be notified before an under-aged woman receives an abortion. In 1994, The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 (FACE) law significantly reduced the number of...

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