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A Discursive Essay On Car Usage

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CAR USAGEWe have become extremely dependent on cars; there were five hundred and ninety million worldwide in 1990 and it is estimated that this figure will grow to eight hundred and sixteen million by 2010. Clearly cars are so popular because they are both convenient and efficient. On the other hand, there are powerful arguments against car use. Firstly, they damage the environment. Secondly, they can kill and maim large numbers of people. Thirdly, some people argue that they contribute to the frantic, unhealthy pace of modern life. Can cars really be as good as they are made out to be?In today's society, one of the main reasons why cars are so popular is that they are convenient. Not only do they give more freedom by being more reliable than public transport which can often be slow and late, they are a lot more comfortable as well. All the luxuries that one can get from a car that you can not get from a bus or train such as air-conditioning, seatbelts, sound systems, air bags and personal space make the car one of the most convenient ways to travel.Another key factor to the popularity of cars today is their efficiency. They are less time consuming than public transport. Cars can be fairly cheap to run especially if it is a small model and they can also get an extra two miles per gallon of fuel on average if it is a manual car instead of an automatic. Modern fuels are lead free which means it is less damaging to the environment and some cars may have a catalytic converter which changes the dangerous gases carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and unburnt fuel into the harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.Not only are there these advantages to running...

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