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A Discussion Of Martin Scorsese's Films And The Violent Influence They Have Had On The American People

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ScorseseOur society that we live in can be classified as non-violent. From a distance, it is argued that our culture is built on war and hate but in reality, the average person has probably never physically hit someone. Children sometime enjoy a good wrestle here and there but the average adult tends to avoid getting into a physical fight with another person. So why is it that so many of us flock to the movies to see someone get their head blown to bits over and over again, usually more men than women.One reason can be tied to our primordial instincts. We, as humans, still carry withus that animal side, that joy of the hunt, that rush of the kill. And also we, as humans, understand that killing is bad and that going to work everyday is good. The only way onecan relive the feelings that their ancestors once experienced is to watch it happen on thesilver screen. It's the same reason why people always slow down on the highway whenever there is an accident. They really don't want to see a dead body but curiosity takesover and they end up slowing down to satisfy their urge.Another reason people demand violence in movies is so that they can experience a feeling that they themselves would never act on in real life. Watching movies can become a magical experience that takes the viewer off into a world outside of their own. Movies help people cope with real life by taking them away from their problem. At some point in ones life, they got so mad at someone that they just wanted to destroy them. Of course they came to their senses and held their rage back. But in a movie, they can live out that experience and get even with all those that have hurt them. In it's own way, movies can be therapeutic, a place to relieve all tension. That is why violence continues to grown in movies, to keep the public in order.Several times though, there have been discussions over too much violence in the media and in games. This argument has only come about in a way of protecting our children; they simply cannot tell the difference between make-believe and reality. This is why there are ratings for movies, so adults can feel safe that their kids aren't watching the same violent material that they seek after.However, this is a down side to violent movies. Sometimes, a movie will create a copycat; a person who acts out what they see in the theatre. This was the case in the attempted assassination of Ronald Ragen, where the criminal got the idea after from Scorsese's Taxi Driver. In one seen, Travis Bickle straps on a total of three guns and a knife, with the intention to assassinate a Senator. It is here that the famous line, "You talking to me...are you talking to me?" derives from. However, it is argued that movies don't kill people, people kill people.Violence for entertainment is not something new; it has been around since the Shakespearean time. During a performance, if there was not a good fight scene with real blood, the audience would feel cheated and become rowdy, even...

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