A Discussion On Whether Or Not Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Day In And Out

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Many people think that success is just handed to them. No work, no nothing, just money is needed. This in fact is not true. Robert Collier said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” One should agree with this remark as it is entirely true. Robert Collier’s quote is true and one should agree with it because success is only built from a starting foundation, it grows little by little each day, and through persistence can end with a big success in the end.
To begin, one should agree with Robert Collier’s quote and it is true because success is only built when you have a small starting foundation. Nothing appears out of the ground. Even big businessmen had to work their way up to that position. Every idea, every dream starts out small. Without that first strong solid foundation, nothing will be accomplished. In the text Careers in Robotics: A Case Study, Matt says, “I was a classic ...view middle of the document...

One should firmly agree with this as if success is something someone wants in a future, than every day work will have to be required. Once one may have an idea or dream, one cannot just at upon it one day and hope for success to come. It is a long process of day in and day out. In Careers in Robotics: A Case Study it reads, “Both Gil and Matt did summer internships during college that provided them with work experience and an idea of how to get a job in robotics. During one summer, Gil worked for the Naval Research Laboratory doing software artificial intelligence research and then, after graduating, spent the summer preparing for another AAAI competition.” That is a lot of day in and day out work. Summer after summer of hard, dedicated committed work was put forth. Through each day, the growth grows stronger and stronger until one day is actually considered true success. Yet, the work does not stop there.
In conclusion, one should agree with Robert Collier’s quote because it is true that through persistence, a big success is guaranteed in the future. Yes, if one has a dream and works day in and day out, they are going to go far. But for true success, the work never stops. One can take different paths to get there, but must never stop trying. In Careers in Robotics: A Case Study it reads, “Although Matt and Gil do the same job now, the difference in how they got there shows there really is no single path to robotics.” Everyone takes a different road to success, yet through persistence, one will always get there. One of the biggest mottos in success as well as life itself is to endure to the end. Once this has taken place and one has tried their hardest, everything will fall into place.

All success has to begin somewhere. Whether it came from a tiny idea made up in someone’s head, or whether it was a dream dreamed up by a little child, it always starts small. Through every small effort put forth, there is one ounce of success being installed into place. One should truly agree with Robert Collier’s quote as every aspect of it is the complete truth. Once again he states, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

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Careers in Robotics: A Case Study

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