A Disputing Love Essay

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Describe your setting. When and where does your play begin? Set the tone of your play here. The play takes place in a beautiful castle in Greece. The castle looks over a breath taking lake, and a gorgeous garden. Today, the castle is holding a flower festival. The prince will have to who he wants to marry. He could either choose Lydia who is a simple girl who truly appreciates life. She’s thankful for everything she has, and is in it for love. Then he has the option of choosing Athena. Athena is a very beautiful woman who is very vain. She has never met Alexander, but it’s just an arranged marriage that his father set up. Athena is very money hungry, and strives to hold power in ...view middle of the document...

(Blushes) “You’re too kind to me.”
(The Prince is holding the flower behind his back. the prince grabs her into an embrace. He lifts her chin, and gives her a kiss. Lydia was caught off guard, and the Prince then slips the rose in her hand.)
“I think we should talk about this future wedding arrangement tonight in my chamber.”
“You’re such a fool.”
(Corrina over hears the whole conversation. Athena does meet up with the prince that night, but it doesn’t end up well. Athena feels that he is the true one for her, so she can reach her ultimate goal of wealth and power.)
Scene III – Corrina meets in Athena’s chambers with Athena to tell her the secrets she found out. Athena still believes her and the uprising prince are meant to be.
“My lady, I’ve heard despicable news.”
“Corrina please stop agitating me right now. I am in love with the prince. Before, I was skeptical, but now I know it’s true, he’s the one.”
“I wouldn’t say that so fast.”
“Stop! Corrina I do not have time for you. I want to tell you what happened last night.”
“No! You stop I have to share this now! I overheard Alexander and Lydia, they’re in love. Their conversation ended in his chambers. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure he will marry her.”
“What? This is a foul joke you’re playing. No maid will take my place as queen. I have nothing to worry about you will handle it.”
“How will I help you?”
“There is only one answer and that is poison.”
“I can do no such thing.”
“I don’t think you understand how much you will be benefit from me being crowned if you’re by my side we can rule in power. You can marry anyone you truly desire. I will support you financially. No maid will be able to stop us. We will be invincible. All you have to do is drop a small amount of poison in her cup.”
“I will be talking someone’s life though”
“But you will just be starting your life.”
“True, but where will I find poison?”
“My mother packed it in my bags. She was afraid something like this would...

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