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A Distorted Perception Of Beauty: Media’s Influence On Body Image

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A Distorted Perception of Beauty: Media’s Influence on Body Image
In today’s society, young women are developing a distorted perception of beauty because of the affects of media: advertising, magazines, and television and movies. Almost every image in the media features a picture of a young woman who is edited almost beyond recognition. It seems that every image of a young woman is the media’s “perfect lie,” that is hardly any image is pure or untouched. This perfect lie negatively effects young women’s perception of their look, style, and body. These false images cause severe consequences in young women’s physical and emotional aspects, negatively effecting how they perceive themselves. Today’s media images in advertising and magazines give young women a false and inadequate view of self body image. Dove’s Model to Billboard Campaign Video and Time Lapse Photoshop video represent the negative effects the media has on body image all across the country. Media’s images play with young girls insecurities and make them feel like they need to look like the woman in the picture.

Dove’s Model to Billboard Campaign video and Time Lapse Photoshop demonstrate the process of creating the “perfect woman.” The videos show the editing process companies use in order to create a picture of a young woman who all other women will strive to look like. This process creates a false picture. The woman in the picture isn’t actually real; she’s edited to seem perfect and flawless. The editing companies completely change almost every feature of the woman, almost beyond recognition. Dove’s Model to Billboard Campaign video shows a woman getting her picture taken for a makeup product. After the picture was taken, the video shows the editing process before the woman’s face and upper body are hung on a billboard. The editing process includes changing the shape of the face, expanding the size of the eye region, changing the nose, stretching the neck, slimming of the shoulders, and the addition of hair and makeup effects that look perfectly airbrushed. The Time Lapse Photoshop demonstrates even more drastic changes in the picture of a model that will be featured in a magazine. This includes lengthening the arms, legs, neck, even feet and hands, and slimming any areas that aren’t “magazine or billboard” ready. These types of pictures of women have taken over the media, creating a look that young women desire all across the country. When young women see these types of pictures, they tend to think, “Well, if she can look like that, then that means I can.”
Media’s images of these women cause girls to compare themselves to the woman in the picture, which sends a negative view of personal body image. This causes most women to feel inadequate. This inadequacy causes women to take drastic measures in order to look more like the women in the pictures. This can cause physical issues, such as eating disorders, as well as emotional issues and a disturbed view of themselves. The videos,...

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