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A Dream Come True Essay

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Wellcome to ponyville
“so what time are they geting here applejack said twilight.

“yay i cant whait to see nighty and rainy angin said pinke

“they sould be here soon now i want yall to great him that means you rarity.

“well darling if he did not dye my cot that dreadful color i would not be mad at

him. i mean red who wants the coat color of a barn something that is ci unclothe

no offence Applejack said rarity.

“a come on reality it was funny said spike and why are we up at this hour

spike you should not call people names and we are up this early to great Rainboom

and NightWitter said twilight.
“well i'm going to take a nap like rainbow dashie is doing said spike” . in the sky we

see one clod and on top of that cloud is the fastest flyer in equestria the one and only rainbow dash.
“rainbow dash the skies are supposed to be clear today and get down here i thought you of all ponies would be happy to see Night Writer said twilight
“ya i am but it too early in the morning so wake me in like two hours said rainbow dash.
“well um i think it good to see him again i mean he was nice even though he dye “rarity coat red said Fluttershy.

“How can you say that fluttershy do you know how long it took to get it back to normal said rarity.

“Well he did apologise and help turn your coat back said fluttershy

“i know dear but he still did it and i am still a bit mad at him said rarity.

“look here come the train said pinkie pie.all of the mares could see a train approach on
the disdentice. a few min. latter it pulled in to the station. The train doors open and after a few pony come out they can see Night Writer and Rainboom. Also they saw two other ponies approach them.

yo buckers, what are you two doing .

well just waiting for the best little sister and her roommate.

well don't think you can butter me up you are still sharing a room it will be fun.

Ya waking up to dropping the bass is real fun by the way vinel you have not introduce me to your friend.
tavi this...

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