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"A Dream Deferred" Anylasis Essay

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After poetry is written, published, and circulated, analysis of the poem must take place. It unveils and discusses the themes, figures of speech, word placement, and flow of the piece, and "A Dream Deferred," is no exception. In Langston Hughes's poem, A Dream Deferred, the theme is that no really knows to dreams if they are not reached, and very realistic figures of speech help convey this idea; the poem can be surprisingly related to Mr. Hughes's life through the subtitle and quotes from Langston himself.
The meaning of, "A Dream Deferred," is that no one really knows what happens to dreams that are not fulfilled. The poem starts with the line, "What happens to a dream deferred?" and ...view middle of the document...

Heavy loads are constant reminders of the pain a person is feeling while carrying it, and dreams can be the same thing. If disregarded, they constantly remind people of the hope and happiness they once had, but now the dreams feel like a burden. The final line of, "A Dream Deferred," says, "Or dose it explode?" This line is powerful because it talks about all forgotten dreams. This line refers to many dreams and happy thoughts that are completely forgotten because people simply don't hope and wish to fulfill them. The poem is very meaningful because it asks why certain dreams are fulfilled and what happens to those dreams not fulfilled. It makes people question their motives for fulfilling their dreams, and it also makes them wonder how often they disregarded attainable dreams.
Figures of speech help convey certain ideas in literature, and Langston Hughes uses them very well to get his point across in, "A Dream Deferred." In the first stanza he uses the simile, "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" This is a great comparison, because all most everyone Hughes is writing to has seen a raisin and knows that they look shriveled and unimportant. The dilapidated look of a raisin conveys the message that dreams can wither away to almost nothing if they are ignored. The next simile says, "Or fester like a sore and then run." which paints the image of a blister filling with pus and then popping. This is gross to imagine, but it accurately represents how a rejected dream can get big and uncomfortable like a sore. Once sores pop they feel better, so Langton is explaining that if dreams are ignored they become painful like a sore but once they are recognized, popped, they feel much better. Then next set of similes Mr. Hughes uses says, "Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet," which gives the image of the foulness of rotting meat being like a rejected dream. When meat rots it has an awful smell that most people know, and it is easily relatable to the noxious effects of a rejected dream. The quote also mentions crusting and sugaring over like a syrupy sweet, which is figurative for the fake relief that can be felt if people withal down their dreams so they seem unimportant and unobtrusively crusty. Finally, Langston writes, "Or maybe it jut hangs like a heavy load." This statement is talking about dreams figuratively weighing on people like a lot of weight does. People know how hard it is to carry around heavy weight, and the stress of it is comparable to the stress of trying to forget a dream. The figures of
"A Dream Deferred," is very relatable to Langston Hughes's life through...

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