A Essay On How I Help My Community And Therefor Help Myself

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If I could only choose fifteen words to describe myself and how I life it would be "everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven" which is an old Yiddish proverb. I take this to mean we all have only one life and we should try to make the most of it. In this light I try to life my life to the maximum and also help others enjoy themselves as much as I do. In my community there is a summer reading program run through my local library that promotes reading to youths between the grades of pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. For the last three summers I have volunteered there and for the past two summers I was the head teacher of the program. On average there are thirty or so kids in the classroom and for an hour a day we do a fun arts and crafts activity and then the kids read a book and write a short summary about it and then I post it on a wall to show off all the work they have done. The true beauty of the program is that many of these kids who come to the program would probably be bored sitting in their houses for the whole summer but instead they come to the library meet friends have fun and learn. For a reward for reading I have been able to give out free McDonald's kids meals through our local McDonald's. It serves as an...

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1831 words - 7 pages diasporic people conduct themselves in western advanced societies. Of course, because of the multiple factors that worked together to influence the shaping of diasporic identity, in this essay I shall particularly discuss how diasporic media, one of the influential factors, helped construct the meaning of community and identity. Firstly, I will elaborate the ability of how diasporic media constructs the meaning of community and identity

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815 words - 4 pages could have personal accounts from those that need the governments help. I would use the code of ethics to insist it the just thing to do for the disabled society to meet their housing needs, help them overcome barriers to employment and help them overcome poverty. My plan would be to provide the elected officials with statistics of all those in our area with disabilities and how the lack of adequate resources is negatively impacting the community

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2621 words - 11 pages as a good deed they have done for their community. People help donate canned goods when they are cleaning out their cupboards. M. Adkins 7 Churches donate all the time as a good thing they have done as a church group to help their community. How do food pantries issue their food? Should they only give food once a month? Well they looked to the government to see what they were doing. The government sends out food stamps, social security, and

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4486 words - 18 pages (poor urban people who felt on display as if at a zoo). Grasmere was one of those attractions with people saying "Oh look how cute the rustics live."To William Johnson- Mountain Climbing with a Woman by Dorothy Wordsworth (489).For a time when exercise was NOT feminine or accepted, she had enough independence, drive, and spirit to mountain climb.To Lady Beaumont (486)She is very modest about her poetry. Makes a comment about not having a place to

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1365 words - 5 pages and saw a doctor about it, during her treatment they did a blood test and found out she had syphilis. Since the doctor that treated her for the fracture isnt her PCP he didnt want to tell her but treat her with penicillin for it, his nurse disagreed, and felt that they should tell her. Now, I found out my paper is supposed to be on not just the case study, but have it in terms of issues in conflict, describe the major ethical philosophical

This is a college essay I wrote, which was also for an English class. It was overwhelming for me so this might help some people. Good luck

513 words - 2 pages to realize how much of an impact teachers have on kids. So I started to change my mind and was considering teaching as a possible career. Then it occurred to me, I wanted a job that benefits little children. As a teacher you do just that, but I wanted to do more; I wanted to be able to have a big impact in not only the child's life, but, also, in the child's family's life. That's when I decided on pursuing a pediatric career in a hospital.In

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