A Fake Celebrity Autobiography, Written For My Writer's Craft Class. John Crook Is A Washed Up 1970s Actor.

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Calling the Shots: Booze, Broads and Everything in BetweenBy John CrookChapter 3: The Big BreakIf it wasn't for Jack Palance, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. It was 1965, I had just come to Hollywood from Iowa. You've probally heard tale's like it a hundred times, small time boy comes to the big city and hopes to make it big, luckily for me I was in the right place at the right time. Who would have ever thought that the day I played a ranch hand on "Green Acres" would change my the rest of my life.It was just supposed to be a small walk on with two lines, my job was to run in and yell, "Look sir, Look sir, Arnold dun eat all the grits". For anyone else it would have been a nothing role, everyone knows the pig always steals the show, there's no glory in that. However, unbeknownst to me, Jack Palance was on the set that night searching for young talent to play bit parts in his directorial debut, "Rifles for Texas". I remember how impressed he was by my Midwest accent, he kept wanting to know if it was real, I told him it was and before I knew it, we were having drinks.The tab must have set old Jack back a pretty penny that night, we must have finished off at least a couple bottles of scotch. I have no idea what happened that night, but it sure was a surprise when I was awoke to a call from my agent congratulating me on getting one of the lead roles in "Rifles for Texas".From then on my life would never be the same, the studio signed me to a contract and I made one picture after another for three years straight.In 1969, I was offered a supporting role of as district attorney in a pilot for NBC that was originally entitled, "I Object". Assuming that it would just be another failed concept, I signed on, hoping to make a few extra dollars and continue on with my promising film career. Two weeks after filming was finished, I heard back from my agent telling me that the studio didn't want to pick the show up, however they were interested in developing an entire series around my character "Jack Lodge", and the rest they say is history.Chapter 6: Spiraling out of Control1976 was the worst year of my life, My television series "Jack Lodge" had just been cancelled, and I fell deeper and deeper into cocaine induced despair. It was hell, my life was just one big bender, with a couple of guests spots on "Match Game" in between. People often ask me how I first got involved with drugs, I almost always neglected to give an answer, not wanting to point the finger of blame. But it's been almost 30 years since that first fateful toke, I think anyone involved is either six feet under or sober.It was 1969, I had just guested on an episode of "Hawaii Five-O", playing a young senator with mob connections. After shooting finished, Jack Lord had a wrap party at his Maui Estate. It was at that beach house, where I first met David Carradine, known to most as the star of Television's "Kung-Fu". David had a real pretty young thing on his arms, I believe her name was...

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