A Family Friendly Work Place Essay

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Introduction A growing number of Canadians are facing the challenge of balancing their employment and their family responsibilities. This phenomenon have created a need for and growing interest in workplace policies and programs to enable workers to balance their work and family responsibilities.1 The appearance of family-friendly policies helping employees balance their lives between work and their families. That can mean higher productivity, better morale, and fewer turnovers among staff.A variety of different family-friendly programs and its application will be discussed in this paper. These family-friendly programs are designed to provide flexibility to enable employees to achieve a balance among their work, family and personal responsibilities. Accordingly, some of the flexible work arrangements may enable employees to pursue educational or career development interest, or to devote time to other activities of their choosing.Importance of family-friendly workplace Family-friendly policies are the blending of family and work, which has increased significantly in the last 20 years. Corporations seeking to attract new employees and hold onto their existing work force are attempting to be creative with the promise of flexible schedules, job sharing, onsite day-care facilities, telecommuting, special deals on parental leave, generous family health care packages and numerous additional individualized incentives that respond to the work- and home-life balance.2 Today, companies are competing for valuable employees. Offering family-friendly benefits, many companies say, helps them develop a loyal and motivated work force that results in low turnover - a major plus in today's tight labor market. It's management's job to help employees be successful in their work life and in their personal life. Researcher says, "People are more motivated given this kind of control over the scheduling, over their job. And it doesn't cost anything. It is based on the trust factor; it puts a lot of responsibility on the part of the employee."3 Analysis of family-friendly workplace "In a company with 20 employees, work-family issues can arise about five times a week," says Thaxton. "In a company without family friendly policies, these issues can result in absenteeism, and an employee's inability to focus on his/her job."4 Office team, a staffing service specializing in skilled administrative professionals, developed a survey. It was includes responses from 150 executives with the nation's 1,000 largest companies. Executives were asked "With so much attention given to the need for work-family balance, how successful do you think today's companies are in creating and maintaining a family-friendly environment for employees?"5 Very successful 3% Somewhat successful 54% Somewhat unsuccessful 40% Very unsuccessful 3% Thus, it is generally believed that companies, which offer family-friendly policies, are at a distinct advantage in today's competitive employment market.Types of...

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