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A Family Secret: Women’s Power To Change

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Throughout the years poverty has played an important role in changing traditions and cultures. Poverty has changed the role of women and their ways of thinking. In “No Name Woman”, Maxine Hong Kingston showed an example of how poverty changed the responsibilities of women in a small village in China. According to the narrator’s mother, the women in this Chinese village, during the twentieth century, were to get married for one night and then all the men leave to America, to work there and send money home. The need for money gave women no choice but to obey. They did not choose whether they want their men to leave them or not. They were not asked if they wanted to get married or not. Because women could not go through the pain of hunger, coldness or traveling to a new country, they were viewed as weak creatures, which did nothing in life but following orders. No Name Woman tried to change how women are being viewed, but in fact she was not strong enough to change the village’s traditions. No Name Woman’s fear from the people paralyzed her thoughts and made her believe that she will never get a second chance. No Name Woman was irresponsible she ran away from her duty towards her family and her child. No Name Woman thought that by killing herself she is punishing the villagers and her family for treating her badly, but in fact she was punishing herself.
No Name Woman’s fear destroyed her life and proved her weak nature. No Name Woman’s suicide proved her inability to handle the accusations and the punishment from her society; she was desperate, scared and she could not face the villagers or her family “She ran out into the fields, far enough from the house so that she could no longer hear their voices” (Kingston 31). No Name Woman did not only escape from the people, she also escaped from her problems and life. No Name Woman loved her child so much; therefore she was worried about the child’s future , as Kingston stated in her essay, “But how would this tiny child without family find her grave when there would be no marker for her anywhere” (32). She wondered how this child is going to grow up without knowing anything about its family. She did not want her child to turn out and be like her family or the villagers. If the child was a boy, he might have turned as every other man in the village and if the child was a girl, she might have had to face the consequences of her mother’s problems. No Name Woman killed her child because she was worried that the child might have to face the same destiny as her “She had taken the child with her into wastes” (32). She decided that the best thing for the child is to die with her, instead of living and facing what the mother could not go through. No Name Woman’s fear affected her decisions and destroyed her life.
No Name Woman had a duty towards her family and child, but unfortunately she ran away from it. No Name Woman was an irresponsible person, who avoided defending her child and herself. According to the...

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