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"A Lover Last Gift..." : This Is A Dramatic Play About Lovers Who Can Never Love Again.

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"A lover Last Gift..."(This play has more pantomime than dialogue)Scene: A very green meadow in the valley of a very large mountain, the grass is tall and green reaching toward the hot summer sun. The trees are blowing in the wind as the mountains tower high over the small valley. A large waterfall near the side of the mountains roars as the water falls into the lake, causing the waters to gently kiss the grassy shore. The sky is blue and cloudless.Characters:Rebecca: a very tall slender girl, she has long blond hair and deep green eyes. For years she has suffered through cancer and doesn't have much longer to live. She is twenty and married to Brad whom she dated all through high school.Brad: a very out going athletic guy he is tall and muscular with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He is twenty-one and married to his high school sweet heart Rebecca, he knows about her cancer and knows she is dying.Open scene one:Rebecca:(Enter stage center left. Slow and calm. Walk slow and peacefully towards the waterfall. Center right. Slowly sit down near a large rock near the shore. Peacefully stroke the water, twisting the hand and creating ripples within the lake. A bird flies. Glance up then back down.)Enter Brad up stage right. (Quietly and stealthily, walk slowly towards Rebecca hiding.)Rebecca: (continue to stroke water.)Brad: (continue to sneak towards Rebecca.)Rebecca: (Glance up again looking worried.)Brad: (Hide behind a large rock.)Rebecca: (Slowly stand, trying to find out what is coming.)Brad: (Slowly emerge from behind the large rock.)Rebecca: (Smile, and start to walk towards Brad.)Brad: (Open arms and accept her into them. Hold her in embrace.)Rebecca: (Lean against Brad. Allowing his arms around you.)Brad: (Kiss her on the top of the head.)Rebecca: (Look up and smile, take his hand and lead him to the lake where you were sitting before.)Brad: (Follow)Both: (Slowly walk hand in hand towards the lake and sit down.)Rebecca: (Look into his eyes.) I thought you weren't going to come.Brad: (Take her in your arms and hold her.) I wouldn't leave you today.Rebecca: (Smile. Slowly and reach for his hand.)Brad: (Reach for her hand and stand up.)Rebecca: (Smirk and run away teasingly.)Brad: (Smile and follow.)Both: (Run to center stage.)Brad: (catch her and slowly bring her to the ground.)Rebecca: (Laugh and fall on top of him.)Brad: (Lean slowly in and kiss her passionately.)Rebecca: (Wrap him in your arms embracing him.)Brad: (Sit up and look down at her lovingly. Smile...

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