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A Farewell To Arms Love And War

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Love and War Love is an unexplainable relationship between a man and a woman. The relationship can start one way and then transform into something completely different without warning. Each character in this novel has a different understanding of love. In A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, the relationship between Catherine Barkley and Frederick Henry closely parallels Rinaldi and the priest's different views of love.The character Rinaldi does not take love seriously; he is always in and out of love and always has many short-term flings. For example, Rinaldi is always looking for a new girl conquer, "That's nothing. Here now we have beautiful girls. New girls never been to the front before" (Hemingway 12.) Rinaldi looks at girls and relationships as if they are a game that he can play. Girls to him are material possessions that he can keep as long as he wants, and then get rid of. Furthermore, Rinaldi can only see one facet of relationships, "Where did you meet her? In the Cova? Where did you go? How did you feel? Tell me everything at once. Did you stay all night?" (Hemingway 11.) He can only see the physical and sexual side of his and others love affairs. He doesn't go deeper into what truly makes up the relationship, the feelings that a couple has for one another. In addition, Rinaldi is phony towards the women, he does whatever it takes to get what he wants, "I must make on Miss Barkley the impression of a man of sufficient wealth" (Hemingway 12.) When it comes to women, Rinaldi is never his true self. He feels that it is better to be someone you aren't and get what you want, than not get anything at all. He is unlike the priest in his views of love, he is shallow and does not understand what it is to love.The priest has a sincere and deep understanding of love, his relationship with God symbolizes the true awareness of what love is. For example, the soldiers try to make fun of the priest because he does not take advantage of girls like they do, "He should have fine girls. I will give you the addresses of places in Naples. Beautiful young girls""accompanied by their mothers. Ha! Ha! Ha!" (Hemingway 8.) The priest is the butt of all the jokes because he is unlike the other men. He does not always have to be involved in the physical act of love like the others do. Furthermore, he does not participate in the immoral actions that the soldiers do, "We go whorehouse before it shuts" (Hemingway 9.) The men have a constant desire for physical gratification, it is like a emptiness they always have to fill. The priest's relationship with God keeps him continuously satisfied. In addition, God provides the...

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1619 words - 6 pages , coincidences and etc like it is done in the novel.First, for me, the novel written by Ernest Hemingway was much more about the general conception of life, and the life of an ambulance driver during war, can be seen as harsh all along the novel, but in the movie made in 1932 it is really ambiguous whether "a farewell to arms" is a love movie or war movie, or just a summation of all these that person experiences in life. So as I said, first thing this is

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2502 words - 10 pages .2.d) structure The novel "A Farewell to Arms" consists of five books and 41 consecutive chapters. Book one introduces us to the major characters and to the novel's setting, World War I. Book two provides events such as Frederic's growing love for Catherine, his wounding, and her pregnancy. The climax of the novel comes in book three, when the retreat and his near-execution by the "carabinieri" (cf. pages 174 to 176) completely change

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1843 words - 7 pages A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway, a name that will not be forgotten if you took the class modern writers at Washington Park High School in Racine, WI. The greatest work ever done, according to great literary writers, by Ernest Hemingway, "A Farewell to Arms". A story about; love, passion, war, freedom, hate, and emotions of a man and his ordeal during WWI in Italy. A book so great, that a movie was done after it, "In Love and War." So

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1576 words - 6 pages member to put themselves in his place. An interesting secondary theme is the theme that implies Catherine is crazy. Because of things Catherine says and does the crazy theme seems to fit her personality. Throughout the story there is plenty of evidence of all these things and these aspects made the story even better and much more fun to read. Bibliography: Gellens, Jay. Twentieth Century Interpretations of A Farewell To Arms.Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1970. Lewis, Robert. A Farewell To Arms (A War With Words). New York, 1992. Monteiro, George. Critical Essays On: Ernest Hemmingway’s A Farewell To Arms.New York, 1994.

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731 words - 3 pages , Henry volunteered to be an ambulance driver for the Italian army, and was sent to the northern Alps, to fight against Austria. The novel's first appearances look like another classic war tragedy, (young kids go off and fight a glorified war, and either die, or return as failures, and learned valuable lessons) however this is not the case. This novel develops into a five-part love story, with the two leading characters Henry, and Catherine, and how

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872 words - 4 pages In the book A Farewell to Arms, Catherine's passion for her values and motivations prove to, not only direct her, but direct Henry towards a fulfilled life. Catherine had an intense desire for love, dedication, and redemption. Through her love, she convinces Henry to live his life in a zealous way and take risks for a good cause. As a result of her dedication to a loved one, her liberating relationship is prolonged. Catherine's yearning for

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772 words - 3 pages theme of the novel "A Farewell to Arms" is the condemnation of war. I think, Hemingway wants to express his negative attitude to this cruel war and to show how it can destroy people's lives. The inhumanity of the war is the main problem of this novel.

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3492 words - 14 pages Henry continues the Hemingway tradition of the code hero throughout the plot of A Farewell To Arms. The novel begins with the first-person narration of Henry and the situation of the Italian Army in which he serves during the fall of an unspecified year of World War I. From this relatively narrow perspective of the Great War, the reader learns quickly of the daily trials and situations the common military officer undergoes in the Italian

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2125 words - 9 pages Earnest Hemmingway once said "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime." (Ernest Hemingway: A Literary Reference) War is a gruesome and tragic thing and affects people differently. Both Vonnegut and Hemmingway discus this idea in their novels A Farewell to Arms and Slaughterhouse Five. Both of the novels deal not only with war stories but other genres, be it a science fiction story in Vonnegut’s case or a

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1189 words - 5 pages Our existence in life is special and unique, but unfortunately war destroys all living things. Ernest Hemingway explores his viewpoints on war and presents those concepts in the novel, A Farewell to Arms. Difficult situations arise during war, because it interferes with many aspects of life and usually has a negative impact overall. Hemingway articulates his beliefs about life during war, through the young character Fredrick Henry, but focuses

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1791 words - 7 pages A Farewell To ArmsIn this study, I will make a comparison between the book version of “ A Farewell to Arms” which is one of the well known novels of Ernest Hemingway and the film version of it. Sometimes I will make some criticism on the film and highlight some points that are different from the book because the film version has to be bounded to the original form and it should refer directly to the book. So I will explain each of my

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3937 words - 16 pages stormy affair and just as war ends in time so does love end in separation or death. Hemingway’s own Experience Delineated: The presentation of war in ‘A Farewell to Arms’ is so realistic that one is compelled to believe that it was a way of finding a release for his turmoil of war for Hemingway. His impression was so deep and find as to make it seems that the war experience released rather than inhibited them. Voltaire that if there had been no

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1331 words - 5 pages The Progression of Love in A Farewell to Arms       There are two major themes in A Farewell to Arms that Hemingway clearly conveys: war and love. The war theme is obvious because the book is set during the World War. The theme of love is less obvious, it begins faintly because of the uncertainty between Frederick Henry and Catherine Barkley. Neither desire love or commitment to anyone, but act upon their desires of passion. As the story

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1076 words - 4 pages A Farewell to Arms, one of the most renowned masterpieces of Ernest Hemingway, is a detailed account of life during World War I, which depicts a gruesome and deleterious reality of a soldier by incorporating themes of impermanence and change. The author of this work tries to convey his notions about the concept of war and love. Throughout the novel, relationship between man and woman in a grim reality of war is frequently discussed. Thus, A