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A Fat Tragedy Essay

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Childhood obesity has doubled since the 1970s. our thin obsessed society thinks fat people have no self control, which often isnt the case. (Moon). Being overweight can actually cause eating disorders and servere depression. Seeing thin models flaunting themselves in magazines triggers these kinds of things. Because childhood obesity is a crisis in the United States, society must implement programs to end this epidemic.
Michelle Obama, the first lady, has founded a campaign that she calls “lets move.” Rather than “lets eat less junk food”, she wants the children to learn how to keep themselves healthy. Its goals are crystal clear. Her campaign aims to improve food in schools and eliminate ...view middle of the document...

Parents are in a rush and their child is hungry, so the first thing they turn to is the drive-thru line at mcdonalds. “If we can work together to eliminate the fast food industry all together, it would make a huge difference in not only peoples weight, but peoples health.” Sadly, half of childrens television shows advertismens are for food products.Recently, ten of the largest food companies have promised that half of their advertising directed towards children would promote healthier foods and a more active lifestyle. This way children wont be influenced to eat sugary, fat-filled foods. (Crouse). If adults tell children its okay to eat these kind of foods, of course theyre going to eat it. We need parents to stop taking the easy way out and stopping at burger king when their kid is hungry. Give them an apple and some fruit juice rather than greasy fries and a double cheeseburger. Child hood obesity isnt just caused by the child itself, its triggered by the people who allow them to keep the habits that got them that way.
In conclusion, if we all work together to eliminate all of the fat-filled foods and the sugary treats, we can make a huge difference. If parents stop allowing their kids to eat whatever they want, there will be an incredible difference in the childs weight and health. Childhood obesity doesn’t just make the kid fat, it messes with the childs self confidence, and ability to do so many things. If your child is over weight, send them to camp shane for a summer full of fun and a boost in self confidence. There are so many things we can do to stop this awful crisi. We need to stop sitting around and act on it. We will never get what we want if we don’t do somethng about it. If we try hard enough to end this, we can....

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