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A Feather Dipped In Gold Essay

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A Feather Dipped In Gold
On February 22, 1980, the United States men's national hockey team beat the Soviet Union National team at the Winter Olympics taking place at Lake Placid, New York. To this day, that upset is considered by many to be the greatest moment in sports history. It was such an awe inspiring moment, that it earned the nickname, "The Miracle On Ice". As such, it should be no surprise that a movie portraying that miracle was made. The movie, aptly called Miracle, chronicles the assembly of the team as seen fit by Coach Herb Brooks, and the trials and glory of the young team. It really is a one of the great underdog stories, a story about coming together and reaching for the stars or gold in this case. The movie is also a great depiction of relationships. From initiating to maintaining them, this movie covers it. In this essay, I will detail three different types of relationships that were presented in Miracle.
The friendship between the guys on Team U.S.A. took a while to cultivate. The players were fresh out of college which meant most of them had either played together or against each other. What should have been forgotten collegiate rivalries were not. The poster boys for the continued hostilities were Jack O'Callahan of Boston College and Rob McClanahan of the University of Minnesota. Jack O'Callahan was still holding a grudge over a Championship game in college that had been played against Rob McClanahan's team. That led to a somewhat divided room. It all culminated with Rob and Jack dropping the gloves during practice. After that little shenanigan, the entire team got a stern talking to from Coach Brooks. He let the team know that there was no room for old rivalries. From there on out, the viewer can see a friendships begin to blossom amongst the players, yes, even Jack and Rob. I think this is what one would call the escalation or initiation process. Where as practices had been tense at first, you could now see the friendliness with which they treat each other. Now, they are starting to care about each other, about how practice is going for one another and they are having fun, cracking jokes and all. The bond of the team is tested when Coach Brooks brings in a hockey player who had not made the original cut six months earlier. He is there because Coach Brooks believes he can supply great vision and offense, something that some of the regular players are struggling with. Mike Eruzione in particular was struggling to find his game. The players could have looked out for themselves individually and let Eruzione get cut. They did not. Some of the players got together and confronted Coach Brooks and let him know that they did not want any of the originally picked players to get cut for the new guy. Putting one's hands in the fire for a friend and teammate like that is a great example of the reinforcement part of the friendship. They could have had a better player as a teammate. That would have...

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