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A Feature Article About Maestro By Peter Goldsworthy

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Gone but not forgottenChanging perspective is a change of view towards things impacted on by your environment. Everyone and everything in its lifetime will have had changed their perspective in some way. Peter Goldsworthy's, Maestro, disguises changing perspective within the growing relationships of the two main characters - a young piano student and his intriguing yet mysterious piano teacher. Throughout the novel we see this mutual relationship becoming a father - son bond, however not entirely. While Paul, the protagonist, matures and sees things in a new light, Keller, the maestro, learns to open up and speak of the past. Though will it be too late when Paul realizes the significance of Keller in his life?We travel through life, unknowingly of what our environment moulds us to be. We are too proud to realize that it is the guidance of our elders that gets us to the end of the tunnel, changing our outlook towards life.We take advantage of what we have, being too young and naive to realize what effect this has on us. Nevertheless, it is what we do as an adolescent which shape us for the future. We all know this deep inside, though we still act ignorant and unappreciative of what we have.Then again, our influences change even those around us, especially the old and the wise. We teach them to live again and that the world is not such a bad place after all.What we feel is camouflaged in the most obvious things. Why do we cherish the things that appeal to us most? The things that we love hold a special place in our hearts and carry what we feel deep inside.Take for example, the novel maestro, published by Harper Collins in 1989 and composed by Peter Goldsworthy. It explores many issues regarding the two main characters, Paul Crabbe and Eduard 'Herr' Keller. Paul, an ignorant piano student, goes through a life changing experience. As does Keller, and we see the effect music has on both Paul and Keller. I believe this to be a deeply moving novel in which many people can relate to."The self satisfied go nowhere", (Keller) is the perfect description for Paul. His misleading first impressions of Keller proved to be costly. Paul despised Keller's teaching methods. The first opportunity in which Paul was allowed to play, did not go as well as intended. "But before a single not had been played, he reached over and seized my wrists...'No more. I do not like your Chopin'. 'But I haven't even started!' '...first you must learn to listen', Keller said". Keller is a guide, a mentor for Paul; however, Paul was too proud and believed himself to be the best to realize this. We see Paul grow immensely. 'If Keller asked for to Bach fugues each week, I prepared three'. The use of dialogue tells the reader of what's going on and certain characters reactions to different situations. It's a key influence in realizing when, where and how changes are taking place.Another major influence which shaped Paul's life was the introduction to Rosie Zollo, whom he later married....

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