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A Sense Of Community In Went The Day Well And Passport To Pimlico

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A Sense of Community in Went the Day Well and Passport to Pimlico

Throughout Went the Day Well and Passport to Pimlico, both films
present different communities and the ways in which they come together
through crises affecting their lives.

In WTDW, the opening sequence presents a clear sense of national
identity. The tracking shot and the close-up of the sign saying
“Bramley End ¼ miles” combined with the use of bird-song and patriotic
marching music signifies a peaceful and tranquil area to be entering.
When meeting the first character, the country farmer, we are directly
addressed, giving a feeling of approachability within the community.
The shot of the farmer is a mid-shot on eye-level which emphasizes the
feeling of being directly spoken to and make him feel ‘less of a

The setting of the film is firstly of a country road and a quite,
sleepy country village. The focus on the Christian church allows the
audience to think of the community as trustworthy, religious and
likeable. The area, as it is idyllic and untouched, gives a quality to
it that allows the audience to think it is worth saving through the

On the arrival of the soldiers in the second key sequence, the Germans
are viewed in long shots, giving the feeling of distance compared to
the close-up shots in which we view Peggy and Tom frequently. Some
shots of the soldiers are viewed through doors or windows, giving the
feeling of conspiracy and suspicion from the point of view of the
villagers. The scene with the friendly, chirpy police-officer at the
door is a good reference to class and social hierarchy in this film.
There is a strong contrast between the rigid and demanding soldier and
the chatty and cheerful officer which shows the difference between the
community and these intruders.

Despite the fact that these soldiers are strangers to the villagers,
they still greet them in a friendly manner, showing the closeness of
the community and their welcoming nature. One of the reasons suggested
for the soldiers’ arrival is that they are there for ‘exercise’ – this
clearly shows the naivety of some village members. Women are seen
working, showing that every person is playing their part in society
and helping others.

The music at this point has changed from the peaceful tune to a
military-style sinister musical motif. Despite this, there is still
birdsong heard in the background which shows the disturbance within
their community.

WTDW focuses on a series of different characters including Peggy, Mrs
Fraser, Daisy and Bill Purvis as well as several children showing a
microcosm of Great Britain. Similarly PTP shows a small community of
traders such as those in the pub, Wix the bank manager, Frank the
fishmonger, PC Spiller and the dressmaker. Throughout these films,
neither of them has...

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