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A Feminist Approach Essay

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For sure, in a present existence that seems to me as diminutive as prehistory, I too thought I would get married. I speak of my seventh, my twelve years of age. However, it is strange: the more I organize and search through my memory of that person I was, the less I find the word "marriage." As an only child, I found myself observing wives, husbands, fiancées, the betrothed. That even then gave me a mysterious annoyance. What I really wanted as a girl, I suppose, was a partner to love and by whom to be loved forever; as in the fairy tales I was so fond of. Yet I felt an unconscious threat in the fairy tale, which I am more aware of now, a mortal risk: what if such a lover kidnapped me ...view middle of the document...

Free and snarling. Rejection fell over those who fell in love with me and got in the way of my dreams; I prohibited myself from falling in love, mostly done without a conscious thought. And I suffered and made others suffer for this, but I never dropped my sword. The hand that held the sword was tested many times, it never loosened it's grip, instead it opened a new understanding that to love means to deliver ourselves up, handcuffed, and that the same verb to love is a cheat. Carrying this sword hardened me to not permit anyone, any more, to be a holder of a key now. Avoidance did not cost me too much, often it cost me nothing.The men I knew were not worthy of the respect and celebration they received. In the juvenile novel , Penelope at War, the hero cried after having deflowered heroine, and she consoled him by offering him a handkerchief to blow his nose. It is apparent how I can be strangled by the drama of having become, the tears of her own, stronger than men have.I am not a hater nor do I detest men, on the contrary. Another drama to be sympathized with my kind of woman. If someone can usurp man's reputation while living with him, the man has tendencies to commit abuses and meanness. In fact, when I love a man, my smile is tender as a lamb. However, without any illusion, a maternal instinct always drives me to absolve him without letting him convince me that I should drop the sword. Some of the first conditions of a marriage include cohabitation. A feeling of cohabitation promotes a loss of respect for a man. The best man.When cohabitating with a man, half of a woman's time is somewhat lost in consoling him, encouraging him, serving him, protecting him as a capricious and pampered child. Age and profession usually do not promote the man to ask for a companion. For example, he asks for a nurse, a secretary, a servant, that is, the mother he gave up while becoming a man. A man will never forget his mother, whether she was loved or hated by him. Having been a baby, he cannot forget all is not permitted and should not always be served. Expectations of a woman grow far larger than the responsibilities. For example, if she works twice...

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