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Ideas Matter Essay

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One of the most predominate and pressing challenges in today’s interdependent world is that o overall global health. Global Health can be defined as the study or practice prioritizing the improvement of health on a worldwide scale. Global health problems are those that transcend national borders and have an impact of both the economy and politics of the world.
According to many world leaders, the global health challenge that that demands the most attention is the HIV/AIDS pandemic plaguing third-world Arica. Recently, unprecedented and extraordinary amounts of money have been donated from a variety of donors, spanning from substantial contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the pocket change of elementary school students, to tackle this devastating disease. Mind-boggling contributions from private donors have joined funds from governments to be combined into billions of dollars earmarked for HIV/AIDS treatment spending. But the devastation from AIDS is only a symptom of the real disease running rampant in Sub-Saharan Africa. Improving the poor medical infrastructure of the developing world is the key to improving overall global health.
Correcting the medical infrastructure of third world countries is quite the undertaking, and on that cannot be completed by simply throwing money at it. There will have to be many steps taken, but should these problems be corrected, challenges such as TB, HIV/AIDS, and high infant mortality rates would be effectively diminished. This medical revolution would propel these countries into the third stage of the demographic transition model and they would not only have larger, more stable populations, but also better living conditions, taking them from developing to modern.
The first step to correcting third world medical infrastructure is to expand the domestic talent pool of health workers, specifically, nurses. Recently in developing countries, well trained nurses and medical staff come few and far between. The professionals that are trained domestically often immigrate in search of better pay in more developed countries. This is especially true since 2006 when legislation eliminated all caps on nurses immigrating into the United States. This has resulted in a mass migration of what little trained workers they already had in the countries that needed them the most. Zimbabwe, for example, trained 1200 doctors between the years of 1990 and 2000, but as of 2007 only 360 of those doctors remained in the country. Additionally, some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa do not even...

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