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As I walked through the Professor Einstein's massive laboratory I remembered how lucky I was to be his assistant. At the back of Einstein's laboratory was a special top secret room that I had never been allowed access to. The professor was meeting the president and wouldn't be back until Thursday so I'd be safe checking it out just this once. I opened the door and was disappointed to only find a small table with a large book laying open on top. I took a closer look and the only words the book contained were "Plato 328 B.C." I shut the book and was about to leave when I heard a whirling of hidden machines and a bright flash of light, suddenly I was in a sunny grove wearing a toga, sitting next to me was a man writing on a scroll labeled "The Republic." I realized must be Plato. Plato: Ah hello my young friend, you must be one Professor Einstein's students. How can I help you? Jacob: I really have to get home if the professor realized I used his machine he'll be furious. Plato: Really? You don't want to ask me anything? Jacob: Well I guess. In my time there are many different types of government. What is your idea of the perfect form of government, an ideal state? Plato: An ideal state would be based on the model of the soul; we'll get to that later. The ideal state has three castes in which everyone would know their place, The Philosopher Kings, the Guardians, and the Laborers. The Philosopher Kings rule society. The Kings would not be a monarchy, they are the ones who train their minds to reason, and have gained wisdom. Above all, the Philosopher Kings must reason, because the creation of a good state depends on its ability to be governed with reason. It is not enough to govern with senses, because they are based on the body and our unreliable. The Philosopher Kings must come to decisions based on sound reason. Then there are the Guardians who protect society and must aspire to courage. Neither the Philosopher Kings nor the Guardians raise children; have a family life, or own private property. They should focus their entire lives on serving the state. The vast number of people though would be laborers, made up of farmers, artisans and merchants. The Laborers are the ones who provide for society. They have natural appetites, so laborers must aspire to temperance. Jacob: What would the role of women be in this state? Plato: Women would be equal. Women can govern just as effectively as a man, because they have they have the same powers of reasoning, and rulers govern through their ability to reason. Women though in order to rule must have the same education as men and be exempt from child bearing and housekeeping, like men. After all a state that does not educate and train is like a man who only trains his right arm. Jacob: Well since you are the greatest philosopher in the history as Western civilization what do you think about the nature of reality? Plato: You see reality is divided into those two parts, the region of reality and the region of...

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