A Fictional Case Study Examining Hr Planning & Issues.

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1.0 INTRODUCTIONThe Pacific Supermarkets case raises the issues of retaining good performers, human resource planning, or lack thereof, along with other issues of recruitment and selection.The outline of the case is such that the regional manager, Ms. Susan Chapman, has become aware that Mr. Phillip Bailey, her top district supervisor, has accepted an appointment with Safeway through reading the announcement in the newspaper.After talking with Mr. Bailey, Ms. Chapman has decided to transfer one of the other supervisors from a smaller district into Mr. Bailey's district and begin a search for someone else to fill the smaller district supervisory vacancy. Ms. Chapman has only a job description as a guideline for recruitment and selection as she has no job specification.The purpose of this report is to identify the main flaws in the existing human resource procedures and recommend alternative solutions.2.0 PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION2.1 It appears evident that retaining high performing staff is problem that the regional manager, Ms. Chapman, must remedy. Whilst as a regional manager not all factors affecting turnover are under her control, her status does have considerable bearing on those that work under her (Branham 2001). The communication between herself and the district supervisor, Mr. Bailey, appeared to have been minimal, which is evident when looking at the way in which Mr. Bailey's plans to leave the company came to light. Ms. Chapman needs to identify the areas lacking in regards to retaining her immediate staff, and there are a number of major areas for her to investigate to try and eliminate the possibility of this same problem occurring again. Ms. Chapman needs to discover whether her supervisors see a link between their pay and their performance, if they perceive advancement opportunities within Pacific Supermarkets, and if they feel their contributions are recognised and valued (Branham 2001).2.2 The lack of a job specification presents a problem for Ms. Chapman when it comes to recruitment and selection of a candidate to fill the vacancy. The job specification focuses on the person, identifying the minimum acceptable qualifications that the candidate needs to possess in order to perform the job successfully, also highlighting the level of knowledge, skills and abilities required (Robbins; Bergman; Stagg; Coulter 2000). The job specification will also assist in keeping Ms. Chapman's attention on the necessary requirements and further aid the determination of whether the candidate is sufficiently qualified (Robbins, et al 2000). Furthermore, the job specification is important for the candidates as they need to understand what is expected from them (****, 2001, interview, 12 September).2.3 The absence of a job specification would tend to suggest that no job analysis had taken place. The job analysis defines the job within the organisation and the behaviours required to successfully perform it (Robbins, et al 2000). The information needed for...

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