A Fictional Hacker Story, In The Same Explanative Tone As Some Sci Fi I Had To Read For Class

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Brothers in Arms*BEEP BEEP* *BEEP BEEP*It's 5 O'clock. I snap back from gazing into nothingness and reach over for the mouse - wireless. I wouldn't have it any other way. There's an icon on my computer screen flashing up and down. It says "Email from CPUChAllEnGed". I double click it, and up pops a new window. My e-mail.From: CPUChAllEnGedTo: SuicideKingSubject: Brothers, to Arms!Suicide,We got a flamer posting a DDOS warning on his page. I've called in the Brotherhood for a meeting at 9 - we're meeting in CrackAttack0983. Password is SuzyQb459876. If any lamer or haxor owes you a favor, it's time to call it in. Get anyone you can who knows anything into that room. This is the big one, buddy. Please, be there - we need you.~CPUInstantly, I get to work. I pop open hundreds of files, and begin reading. DDOS attacks are no picnic. I need to be ready by 9 o'clock, and I know that when CPU says that they'll need me, it's serious stuff.Let me start a bit earlier. I am a hacker. To be more specific, I am a cracker. I sneak into large, protected software files, and, using the futuristic equivalent of a lock pick, I open some doors, and remove some locks, thereby unlocking the software.I crack under the handle SuicideKing. In card-playing mythology, the King of Hearts' picture shows a sword in his left hand, but the end of it is sticking through his head. Thus, it appears that the King is committing suicide, thereby being known as the Suicide King. I like my name - it's original enough that no one else has it, and mysterious enough that it provides a mask which I can don to become someone else. SuicideKing is a cocky, shoot-first-ask-questions-later, suave, smooth, cheeky bastard. When I am SuicideKing, I become someone else - my mind moves at light speed as numbers and coding fly through my head. It's like acting - you slip into someone else's skin, and become then.When software designers make demos of their products, more often than not, instead of making a brand new program, they just take the full version, snap some locks on certain features, and then call it a demo. For instance, on "Sophocles", a script-writing program that I've cracked, you could use all of the features, but you couldn't copy any of the text, and you couldn't print. So, I settled down, popped open some tools, and dissected the program. I searched through the 1's and the 0s of binary until I found some values which, to a hacker, instantly tell you that something funny is going on. Surrounding a certain section of coding, a 4 row section of zeroes appeared on my screen. This means that the following section would be inactive. All I needed to do was delete the zeroes. Right there, I enabled printing. Five minutes later, and I've enabled copying as well. And, right then and there, I have the full retail version, and I haven't spend a penny, nor broken a sweat.I've cracked lots of software, more for personal benefit than anything else. For me, cracking isn't a skill - it's a survival...

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