A Fictional Speech By The Kennedy Case Investigators Proving That Oswald Was The Lonen Gunman.

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Having evidence presented toward you in such a clear and simple manor does not come this often. The pure simplicity of this case has lead me to believe, and I know many of you do, that Lee Harvey Oswald kill President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.Lets go through the sequence of events. Lee was brought up with no father and a prostitute mother in Brooklyn, New York. After enlisting and being expelled by 12 different public school he is detained under the conditions that he is 'anti-social', 'curruptive' and was 'beyond the control of his mother'. He was then send to the Youth House, an institution where children are kept under psychiatric 'observation' while their cases are being examined. In the 5 months he was there Dr. Renatus Hartogs examined him. In one of his sessions he vividly describes that he does miss his freedom but certainly not his mother. After being expelled he is sent to probation. There he is described as a 'loner' and spends much of his time reading many books inspired by Carl Marx. He comments that he doesn't like to be around other people as he has trouble making friends.After leaving school he reports to the marine corps where he becomes fluent in Russian. After a year of training he heads of to a radio outpost in Japan. While he is there he is court marshalled twice for shooting him self in the foot with a high-powered pistol and then for fighting with a commanding officer. On the latter offence he is discharged and flys off to Helsinki. In a hotel room he tries to commit suicide. In Minsk, before the KGB take him in for questioning, Oswald attempts to renounce his US citizenship at the US embassy. After four months of close surveillence by the KGB, Oswald meets Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova, whoom he later marries. While he is there an American spy plane is shot down by the Russians. United States intel. says that Oswald had enough information to let the Russians know where it was.In May, 1962 Oswald and Marina move back to America. When they rech the airport Oswald doesn't get the news coverage that Oswald was hoping for after living in Russia for 4 years. There they live in Fort Worth and this is where Lee gains his criminal connections. In October they move to Dallas where, on March 12th, 1963, Oswald orders a rifle from the 'Kleins Sporting Goods' ad in American Rifleman. After buying a cheap camera for Marina, she photographs him with this rifle.Now we move onto a rather macabre period of time. At approximately 9 p.m., on April 10, 1963, Major General Edwin A. Walker, an active and controversial figure on the American political scene since his resignation from the U.S. Army in 1961, narrowly escaped death when a rifle bullet fired from outside his home passed near his head as he was seated at his desk. The case went unsolved for a period of time until a note left by Oswald to Marina explaining what to do in is death or...

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