A Fictional Story, Depicting The Escape To Freedom Of Several Slaves.

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Zoe was born into slavery on the Campbell plantation, in New Bern, North Carolina. She had been sold to the Anderson plantation in Portsmouth, Virginia at age 10, away from her mother, Voni, and her kind and gentle owners.Before Zoe had been sold, Mammy Voni had told her about about a place called Canada, where no one could whip her, and no one cared about the color of her skin. "When you step onto this land, you are free." she said. She said that they would meet again there, someday...Zoe was now 13 years old and worked in the cotton fields 6 long days a week, was served 3 cold and horrible meals, and slept in a straw hut on a pile of filthy rags. The only bright things that Zoe had in her life were her friend Meg, and her dreams of life in Canada.One day, everything changed for her and Meg. A white man came to the Anderson plantation from Canada, claiming to be visiting the south for a study he was doing on wild birds. His name was Alexander Ross. But he was not a bird watcher, but an abolitionist, who had come to help willing slaves to freedom. "This means a hard and dangerous trek." he said one starry night. "It shall take much courage, skill and willingness." "I am ready to start my journey to freedom" Zoe said. "So am I" agreed Meg. "I see" replied Alexander. "Then I shall send you off with your friends, Ben and Lory." he said, referring to two older slaves. "You will come back to this spot in the heart of the forest when you hear three calls of a mocking bird" he said. "Now go back to bed, and be ready tomorrow night to leave. Pack all your belongings in a sack and sleep in your clothes. Sleep well."The next night, Zoe and Meg lay awake in the hut, awaiting the 3 calls of a mockingbird. When they came, they gathered their belongings and went to their meeting spot. Alexander, Ben and Lory awaited them with bundles of food, money, a compass, boys' clothing and scissors. "You shall dress as boys, so when people start looking for you, they shall be looking for girls, not boys. And I will have to cut your hair as well." Alexander said as he handed them the food, clothing, money and compass. The he cut the girls hair...

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