A Fight For Survival: The Neritic Zone

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In your mind, imagine you are a fish, surrounded by kelp forests and other organisms.
These are the conditions the incredible creatures from the Neritic Zone live in. Life is present in almost every drop of water in the Neritic Zone. An adaptation is a gradual genetic change an animal makes over thousands of years to survive better in its habitat. The temperature in the Neritic Zone varies, so it suits the needs of most sea animals. The Neritic Zone warms in summer and cools in winter. Although the conditions of the Neritic Zone may seem easy to live in, animals are constantly fighting for survival. 3 animals have developed outstanding adaptations to help their species live. Those three ...view middle of the document...

The seahorse can consume prey with ease by using this adaptation. Additionally, changing colors in order to camouflage themselves and confuse predators, the seahorse is able to blend in with its environment. Avoiding being eaten is the goal of this adaptation. The seahorse uses this adaptation to camouflage itself or confuse its predators. In a way, the seahorse has its own type of armor. On its body, bony plates are present that are connected to its body accompanying its ability to change its skin color, and this “armor” prevents the seahorse from being injured from predators.
Although the Electric Eel may only be recognized by its well-known electric shock, it has adaptations as well as its shock that help it survive in the Neritic Zone. The Electric Eel, a recognizable sea animal, is surprisingly able to find its way around its habitat. To do this, it uses electric pulses. This helps the Electric Eel find its way around the Neritic Zone and sense the objects around it. Killing prey, the Electric Eel has special organs that produce its electric shock, and they take up ⅘ of its body, as a matter of fact. The National Aquarium says, “Only the front one-fifth of the animal...

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