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A Figure In The Emerging Study Of Psychology: Wolfgang Bringmann

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Wolfgang Bringmann, “The German physician, philosopher, and psychologist Wilhelm Maxine Wundt (1832-1920) was a seminal figure in the emergence of psychology as a modern science during the second half of the nineteenth century. Growing up, Wundts troubled childhood was not what you would think to be suitable for such an intelligent former psychologist. Wundts relationship with his parents was very troubled and unhealthy. Wundt spend hours staring at blank pages while day dreaming in class. He struggled through most of his schooling, but after he graduated, he went on to later be founded as the first psychologist as an independent science. Wundt was given credit when he established “the first scientific laboratory dedicated to the study of psychology” (Nevid 4). Wundt had many interest of studies after graduating with experience in medicine and psychology, he went on to practice studying mental experiences with his clients. Wundt used a method called introspection that would help break down his studies in different categories that would make each part easier and interesting to annualized. Wilhelm Wundt was a remarkable man, whose methods of introspection led to the establishment of the first scientific laboratory and bridged the gap between ancient and present psychology.

Wilhelm Wundt was born at Neckarau, a suburb of Mannheim, Germany on August 16th, 1832. Wundt and his family decided to moved after four years to a small town in Heidelsheim. He spend most of his childhood here without peer companionship, but instead attracted the attention of “sympathetic adults who helped shape his character and interest”( Rieber and Robinson 4). Wundts father, Maximillian (1787-1846) was a pastor, and for the most part raised him as an only child after his brother was sent to live with his aunt after being untrue to the families Christian beliefs. Wundt father was very strict and would punish Wundt violently for the least bit of things. Wundt attended at small school in his home town for his first two year of his early education. However, his curriculum did not prepare him for a professional career because it did not contain, latin. He received a tutor when he was eight by the name of Friedrich Muller, who became closer to him than a mother or a father( Rieber and Robinson 8). Wundt grew up with a lack of friendship, and for the most part the village boys rejected him. Wundt enjoyed daily visits from the three friends he had growing up that would tell him fascinating adventures that would exercise Wundt young childhood like mind. These stories led to his day dreaming and poor performance in his studies.

Wundts day dreaming eventually affected his already poor grades from his lack of interest, and was sent to live with his brother at the age of 13. This was a happy change and he began a form a friendship and did well in school. When Wundts father passed away when Wundt was 14, his mother's family took control over his educational decisions. His...

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