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A Firework Display Essay

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The dull, murky water of Lake Windermere was surrounded by the happiness and laughter of the anticipating audience. Children spontaneously danced round the hypnotising bonfire, only to be outshone by the dazzling fireworks as they spiralled into the pitch black sky. Fragrant delicious smells filtered through the air as food was prepared. Bright lights and heckles from the games stalls lured the children in like a lion to its prey. Bonfire Night at Lake Windermere is a night to be remembered!Fireworks lit up the sky like the neon glow of the Northern lights. The sounds and colours exploding from them were phenomenal. A colossal rocket pierced the night sky as it crackled and popped skyward to its doom. Catherine wheels spun like banshees trying to escape the clutches of its captor, finally slowing to an undramatic end. Sprays of crimson lava spewed from the fountain firework like a mini volcanic eruption. Everyone seemed to stop and watch in wonder as the blood red haze from the traffic light entranced them, the spell finally broken when a wave of aluminous green light gave them the signal to move along.Juices drizzled and sizzled from the burgers. The smell of salt and vinegar wafted through the air, as succulent hot dogs were grilled on the barbecue. Children buzzed around like bees pursuing the sweet smelling nectar of popcorn and candy floss as it lingered in the air. Bonfire night favourites, sticky toffee apples and treacle toffee, are being devoured messily, but tasted as sweet as honey. Parents despair as over enthusiastic children scream and shout, only to be tamed by the promise of treats from the eager stall owners. Fluffy animals are dangled everywhere. Delightful squeals echo around the amusements stall, as the game is finally conquered and victory is obtained and the priceless spoils are handed over.Excited children hopped around the raging crackling bonfire as they magically created mystical images with glowing sparklers. Cold, weary parents...

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