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A Five Year Strategic Plan For Mensa Inc.

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A 5 year strategic plan for Mensa Inc. should be dynamic and focus on ensuring that the present situation where in multiple sectors and businesses are involved. Re investing and formulating a stronger BCG matrix with divesture from loss making units becomes extremely essential. The BCG matrix is a matrix that is used for the purpose of strategy formulation of a firm, but it is a four cell matrix.
It is used to measure the position of a firm in relation to its relative market share as well as its market growth. Based on this the situation where in all of the given four divisions of the firm are at different levels of performance can be evaluated in order to formulate a 5 year strategy plan. This can help in the creation of a portfolio where in returns are optimized by re investing in growth oriented sectors and divesting out of the sectors that are saturated and loss making for the firm.
Major issues facing the company and Analysis
The major issues facing the company comprises of there being multiple businesses with different demands. There are separate levels of performance and success as well as growth chances for each of the sector and the firm needs to tackle with issues in each of these divisions (Dube, J.P., 2004).
The BCG matrix is also a matrix that is used for the purpose of strategy formulation of a firm, but it is a four cell matrix. It is used to measure the position of a firm in relation to its relative market share as well as its market growth. In case of these two being high a firm is classified as a star. In case of these being low they are classified as dogs. In case of only a high market growth it is rated as a cash cow and in case of only a high market share it is rated as a question mark. Based on this the issues and performance of each of the divisions has been evaluated and appropriate strategies have been suggested (Debbie Thorne McAlister, Linda Ferrell, 2002).
The first division is the financial services. Lack of appropriate competencies has resulted in not being able to become a market leader. Yet the resources as well as the management is pretty strong and can possible help this sector grow, so it is essential that this sector be nourished and be made a cash cow. In this way this division has growth prospects in the near future as well as from the strategic perspective.
The second division is the energy division. The energy division requires huge investments and though the market growth is good, the market share is not very significant thus making the firm a weak contender in this division. There are several issues like large contenders and competitors as well as lack of appropriate resources. Divesture can be useful in the long term as long term large investments create high levels of risk for the firm.
The third sector is the packaging sector and this has been one of the strongest fortes of the firm. But the major issue is growing competition and decreasing trends which may be harmful in the long run. It is...

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