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A Flash Of The Past Essay

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In 2040 the war started, years of fighting and death. They say they couldn’t have won the war without me, I say I needed them more than they needed me. I remember the day the war started, I was in Hawaii, we wouldn’t have known they were attacking if I hadn’t called in to mission control in Washington D.C. Thats when they started upgrading me, it seemed like after every new battle new gear came, and wrapped in the new gear there was always a note, “you’re now a sergeant”, “you’re now a lieutenant”, “you’re now a captain”, then one day there was something different, “Meet me at the command center.” They upgraded me to commander, black stripe, that was as close to general (a position reserved for only the leaders of the army) as it gets. I remember the day we won, hearing the plan, asking where General Eriks was, being told that he was on a classified mission. I remember storming into their headquarters, looking at their leader and shooting him. I ...view middle of the document...

” I nodded, “Do you ever get bored of it?” “Sort of, I always make the best of it, life is short, 2060 won’t last forever and 2061 after that.” I nodded again, we spent the next hour in silence. I looked at the map, it clearly showed our flight path. I smiled, I hadn’t been to Hawaii since the first day, I was looking forward to it, until, until it happened. It changed everything. I thought I heard a pop, but I think it was just my imagination, I turned towards the pilot, he was frantically trying to control the plane. “Whats going on?”, I asked. “the right engine is down, and the left is leaking”, he replied, then he said, “We need to find an island to land, and we can’t make it to Hawaii.” I looked at the map, “turn 30 degrees, and there will be an island ahead.” He made the turn, and I saw the island. I watched the altitude meter drop, 1000 ft, 500 ft, 100 ft, 50 ft, 40 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft, 10 ft,splash, I saw that the right wing was partially submerged. I looked forward, the island was only 2 football fields away, then it was only a few yards away, then crash, the plane rolled up onto the beach.
I opened my eyes, it was night time, so I had obviously fallen asleep, I looked over at the pilot, he was gone, “Thought I’d let ya’ sleep”, the voice startled me. “Sorry”, the pilot continued. “How long have I been out?”, I asked. “only a couple of hours”, he responded. “I never got your name”, I said. “Rick”, he said, “and you would be?” I took a breath, “I have been known by many names, but you can call me Mr. Black”, I said. He nodded. We walked onto the beach, I pulled off my boots as it was hard to walk on the sand with them on. We walked down the beach. “The only way we’ll survive is if we go into the jungle and look for food”, Rick said. I nodded. As we walked through the jungle I heard the crack of the twig and the whoosh of what I thought was the wind. I looked behind me, Rick wasn’t there. I \ ztripped on a small log. I looked up, a female warrior was standing with her spear aimed at me. She removed her mask. “Lola?”, I said. “Mr. Black”, she responded. With that she motioned to her troops and they knocked me out.

I opened my eyes

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