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A Fool´S War: The Vietnam War

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A Fool's War
Most of us grew up thinking our country was a strong but kind nation who only involved itself with world affairs to preserve peace in a world full of chaos, who respected other nations and their individuality, and who only faught as a last resort to a pressing problem. The United States did not seek external conquest but, sought to peacefully interact with the world. Unfortunately, the Cold War caused many issues to arrise which non before could have forseen coming.
In recent years, after the Cold War scare had long since wained away, a more aggressive, activist foreign policy became apparent in the United States forcing many of us to rethink certain attitudes. The Vietnam ...view middle of the document...

The rationalizations used to defend this political control have been instilled into us for such a long time that we have somehow become numb to the possibility that something else might exist. And it is only the kind of terror we see now in Vietnam that makes us come full force to understand the harshness of our reality we inadvertantly created.
This cycle of repression and destruction we have created and continue to justified in the war should honestly be called a cultural genocide. I am not simply mentioning the agent orange destruction, harming men and women alike who may or may not have been involved in the war, upon the first thought of any rebel activity. That by itself is terrible and a personal shock it happened at all. But it is only a part of a bigger picture of the collapse of the country. We have precariously uprooted people from the only land they have known and imprisoned them against their will. What have you been making our boys do over in that war? Kill innocent people? You have indirectly soiled their hands with blood they will never fully erase (Newman 620).
What will be left of the Vietnamese after 20 years of this insane war? What part of themselves will the survivors still have after such destruction was given to their country they once called their home? Will they also be able to build on the "peace" our country preaches as reward for their toils? How can the USA be surprised when people who have had such a terrible war faught against them against that they would not rise up andfight against such tyranny? Still our country remains shocked and attacks even harder in order to subdue a culture we ourselves do not yet know. Not even the President, a leader of this nation during such a time, is able to mention that this war was to preserve the freedom of the Vietnamese.
What has the war achieved for America, might I ask ? Now our government controls our own lives even more than before. Have you ever wondered if our government may on day show us, citizens of this country, the same treatment as that shown in Vietnam? If a country supporting the freedom for all is unable to even show that kindness to another culture, what makes you so sure it will not come and bite us in the butt in the future (“The Antiwar Movement”)? Our personal freedoms have already been taken from us as the government confiscates videos and bans citizens from arguing against the war (Newman 607). As the war grows worse and the nation seeks additional support for its actions, one comes to realize the start of a psychological war unlike anything previously encountered. By what weird logic can it be said that the freedom of one people can only be maintained by crushing another, even if we are of differing cultures and ways of life?
In many ways this is an unusual meeting because the large majority of people here are not involved in a peace movement as their primary basis of concern. There are students here who have been involved in protests over the quality...

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