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A For Short Essay

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"Draco!" I screamed running through the castle avoiding the spells flying past me. "Draco!" I screamed again. As I ran up the hallway, I found him laying on the ground. "Draco," I gasped throwing myself beside my older brother. I shook him lightly and he opened his eyes. "Oh thank God. Come on." I said helping him get up. "Are you okay?" I asked once we were standing.

"Fine." He sounded almost embarrassed that I asked. "Are you?"

"I'm fine." I answered. "Come on. Harry went to find The Dark Lord." I grabbed his hand and dragged him toward the front of the castle. We walked through the doors and onto the steps with the other students that led to the courtyard. The first thing I noticed was Hagrid carrying a limp body. The next thing I noticed was Voldemort and his snake. The last thing I noticed was my mum and dad. Oh how I wanted to run up and hug them. But I got distracted.

"Harry ...view middle of the document...

"Draco." A familar voice called softly. "Ana." I looked up and saw my father telling us to come to him. I didn't move. I couldn't. My legs wouldn't go down the steps.

"Draco. Ana. Come." Mum's voice was soft and reenergized me somehow. Still feeling a little weak, I let Draco lead me down the stairs. When he was near Voldemort he let go. I could feel all eyes on us.

"Well done Draco. Well done." Voldemort said to my brother giving him an awkward hug. When they let go, it was my turn. "Anatasia." He said my name all wrong. I walked up to him and allowed him to hug me. It was a heartless hug. I could feel the hate linger into my body and through my viens into my blood. When he let go, I walked over to my family. Mum wrapped her arms around me as if she knew how I felt. Father gave me an encouraging pat.


"Pinky!" Mum called snapping her fingers. Pinky appearef in a second. "I need warm blankets and hot tea for my children." Pinky nodded and vanished with another snap. Draco and I were led to the couches in our living room. "Its all over." She kept saying. "No more evil in this house." Draco started to cry and I sat there shivering. Mum sat down between us and talked softly to Draco. I'm not sure what she was saying, but whatever it was, it helped because his crying slowed. Soon Pinky showed up with blankets and two cups of tea. "Thank you, Pinky." She as as she grabbed the tea then the blankets from the small house elf's arms.. Dad come into the room and smiled at us. It was a genueine smile. I missed those smiles the most from him.

"How are you guys feeling?" He asked.

"Weak." I answered.

"Tired." Draco answered.

"How about we all sit by the fire tonight as a family?" He asked. I looked into his eyes and smiled. We haven't been a real family since I was 10. I missed it so much.

Once Dad got the fire going, we all crowded onto the couch trying to not squish anyone. I put my head on Dad's shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt his arm wrap around me right before I fell asleep smiling. Things were going to be okay after all.

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A For Short Essay

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