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A Foreigner Within Yourself Essay

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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign,” I repeated to myself as I awoken. The haunting nightmare had been on repeat for the past 2 weeks. My shrink tells me it is because of my experiences as a child but I am struggling to come to terms with how I am meant to be handling it and why it was me that this happened to.

Losing my mother when I was eight and having an abusive father, I was always feeling abandoned and alone. When my mother was here I was able to comfortably breathe in the place I once called home. Although I no longer live there, now days I refer to it as hell. When my mother was alive it could have been referred to as heaven as the softly spoken ...view middle of the document...

He responded by just breaking my door down as if it was nothing. My attempts to stop him resulted in punishments. After time he discovered this was my attempt to stop him and just left it down. As he was not impressed my punishment left me bruised and beaten.

The repeated abuse continued until I was fourteen years old. It was when my principal came to visit me on one of my days off due to my “stomach flu” that it was discovered my actual reason for not turning up to school. My father had left a half hour before she arrived and thankfully, if he had still been there I could only imagine the horrible things he would have done to her. I still recall the sudden rush of fear that over swept me as she opened the front door and called out to me with a concern in her voice. If she new my father was home then she would not have dared even step foot near the house. The sudden realization that perhaps if my father found out about her coming to our house had taken over and my breathing changed from quiet to heavy in a matter of seconds. My deep breathing from fear lead to her locating me in my bedroom. I still remember the look on her face when she seen me in my bed bruised and abused. It was as though she had seen a person get shot.

It was my principal that helped me to escape the torture and find...

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