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A Framework For Barriers Of Telemedicine Implementation In Iran

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Table 4 shows the fitting indices in this level. Indices are approximately in the suitable level so the fitness of the model is confirmed.
In this framework, we introduced 6 barriers for implementing telemedicine and then by using factor analysis, we analyzed these factors and their indices. According to research findings, and according to figure 3, we can see that the barriers of implementing telemedicine with respect to their importance are as below:
Cultural barriers, legal and technical barriers (with the same importance), infrastructure barriers, financial barriers and ethical barriers.
As we mentioned, cultural barriers are the most important barriers in implementing telemedicine. ...view middle of the document...

They are supportive people who can spread telemedicine and unfortunately there is lack of such persons in Iran’s society according to the doctor’s ideas.
The second category of barriers are technical barriers and legal barriers with the same degree of importance and we are going to explain doctor’s idea respectively. Indices in technical barriers, with respect to their importance (according to the loading factors) are like this: Lack of standards for designing required systems for implementing telemedicine in Iran, Lack of technical standard situation in telemedicine in Iran, technical problems with software and hardware used in telemedicine. Doctors believed that technical barriers are the cause of considerable problems in telemedicine. Iran is not a generator country in the scope of technology and faces with a lot of problems in importing technologies and this leads to a lot of problems in implementing telemedicine. Another problem that became confirmed by both literature review and doctor’s idea, was technical problems with hardware and software equipment in telemedicine. For example the speed of internet (that is one of the indices of this model and will be explained in the other category of barriers), is not too high to support long, high quality and constant videoconferencing.
The other category of barriers that is as important as technical barriers, are legal barriers. Indices in this barrier, with respect to their importance (according to the loading factors) are as following: Lack of enough regulations related to telemedicine barriers, Lack of determined standards from legal parties for medical cares in telemedicine, Hardness of getting licensure, credential and certification related to telemedicine functions. According to researches, there aren’t integrated regulations for doing telemedicine in Iran till now and this causes some problems in implementing telemedicine because some methods used by a doctor, may be suitable in his idea but is not as the viewpoint of the health ministry. Recently, the top committee of setting regulations for virtual space in Iran, approved principles and policies that control giving license for providing health services in virtual spaces. These rules facilitate providing electronic health services from long distances, mobile electronic health and services like health insurance and electronic health training in Iran.
The fourth barriers are infrastructure barriers that are in some extent similar to technical barriers. Indices in this barrier, with respect to their importance (according to the loading factors) are like this: Lack of related software and hardware equipment, Lots of complications in the primary equipment, Low speed of connectivity and access to different geographical areas. According to the doctor’s idea, the most important indices in these barrier is the low speed of the internet in different parts of Iran, because internet is one of the most infrastructures required for implementing...

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