A Framework For Supporting The Preparation Of Isd

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In the information systems development process there areimportant success factors emerging from organisational issues. In orderto manage these factors in an effective manner the organisation has to beprepared already before the project begins. Based on these factors wehave developed a theoretically grounded framework aiming to guideorganisations in what considerations they should make in this viewbefore the systems development project begins. Our future research aimsto complement this framework with guidelines and to get the frameworkeven practically grounded.1 INTRODUCTIONEvery year, organiza tions make substantial investments in developing new informationsystems (IS) to meet their information requirements (Ewusi-Mensah and Przasnyski 1994). Alarge number of studies investigating the success of information systems development (ISD)report it as a failure. An ISD process can be described as “a journey” (Champy, 1997). In thesame way that we have to prepare ourselves for journeys, an organization has to be preparedfor ISD. However, existing approaches in ISD do not explicit give any guidelines for how todo so.In ISD, there is a number of important success factors for the organization to manage toachieve a successful IS. If project managers are aware of such factors early they can makemore effective and efficient project adjustments (Procacccino et al, 2001). Success factors canbe categorised as emerging from economic, technological and organizational perspectives(Ewusi-Mensah and Przasnyski 1994). According to Ewusi-Mensah and Przasnyski (1994)organization-related factors, ranging from senior management involvement to end-userparticipation,are the most dominant category and also influences factors dealing witheconomic and technological issues. Consequently, important success factors emerging fromorganizational issues should be addressed before information systems development projectsbegin in order to prepare the target organisation. This view of preparation seems fairlyunexplored in literature.The aim of this research is:to develop a theoretically and practically grounded framework including guidelinesaiming to guide a target organization in their preparation process of ISD in order tomanage important success factors emerging from organizational issues.A target organisation refers an organisation that aims to undertake an ISD process bythemselves, either by buying the software or by developing it in- house. The objective of theframework is to support a target organization in their striving to develop a successful IS.There is no common definition regarding what a successful IS is. A previous literature study,based on for example Procaccino et al, 2001; Jiang et al, 2001; Lin and Shao, 1999, hasshown that a successful IS:Proceedings CAiSE*04 DC page 1· is completed in time· is completed within budget· meets business objectives· has high user satisfactionOnly the two final criteria are relevant in this research....

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