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A Friendship Between A Boy And A Man Is The Story Of About A Boy By Nick Hornby

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“About a boy” is a story about twelve year old Marcus and 36-year old Will and how they develop their friendship. Fiona, Marcus’ mother, tries to not be like everyone else and tells Marcus to be himself, which in his situation means to be like her, and is therefore making troubles for him with fitting in at his new school. Will on the other hand is the complete different from Marcus. He is a grown-up man but thinks like a teenager. The points I will be addressing are how depression is shown in the novel, reactions to suicide and how the characters heal and how this affects Will and Marcus’ relationship together.
The bullying of Marcus leads to his low self-esteem and because of this he shows depressive tendencies through his thoughts presented in the novel. Fiona is incapable of seeing her own mistakes, and therefore, she raises her son as a boy who apparently is every parent’s fantasy, but also is unfamiliar in the regular childhood life such as clothing, music and speech, and all this results in that he’s being bullied at school. “as he was usually wearing the wrong shoes or the wrong trousers, and his haircut was wrong all the time, every day of the week, he didn’t have to do much to send them [school kids] demented” (pg.13) Even when Fiona finally hears about the social overwhelm he experiences every day, she’s still thinks that everything that matters is that he is himself and that he shouldn’t care about the bullies and what they think of him. Ellie helps him in various situations and defends him against other kids who want to bully him. Ellie is very resourceful because Marcus can talk to her about his situations in and out of school. His divorced mother is periodically depressed and has also contemplated suicide. Marcus has always tried to keep the people around him in the dark about his weaknesses at school or about his mother's depressions. His mother's depression naturally affects Marcus. He feels miserable and powerless when he cannot help his mother. By being a respectable boy he tries in his own way to make his mother happy. He likes Will from the word go and wants him to get to know his mother. He also thinks that then his mother would not be so depressed anymore if a ‘father figure’, Will, would be there, or in other words, Will could function as a backup...

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