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A Friendship Should Reflect One’s Moral Values And Character

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Choosing the right friends impacts how ones future is shaped. Not everyone agrees that their friends can have an influence on them, but actually friends are one of the biggest impacts on one’s life. Individuals often think of themselves as independent, but in reality they are dependent on their friends. They can impact one’s lifestyle by making it more positive, teaching how to be a true friend, and showing a reflection of oneself.
The right friends can make a person’s life better. These relationships can even have emotional effects; they are “… part of this relationship that is so key to your emotional well-being.” (Klam 218). People make friends to get help on the roller coaster of ...view middle of the document...

When friends have the same moral values, it can create more chances for positive peer pressure to occur. But if a friends wants another “to sacrifice their interest and beliefs in exchanges for acceptance… they are probably the wrong type of friend” (Webb 1)
Good friends will have similar conduct and morals. These types of friends will have a better understanding of one’s actions and the motives behind those actions. These actions can even sometimes affect him in the long run, as he builds up the quality of his friendships. Like Ed Young said, “[Friends] can influence our behavior and our behavior influences our tomorrow. We need to be more careful about the people we allow to influence our behavior.” (Young 146).
By knowing each other’s limits, friends can push themselves even further. Further than anyone could imagine. Friends can push each other physically, mentally, and even spiritually, and “[t]his pressure is a real and powerful force in our lives, especially when we’re young” (Young 142). Sometimes a little push is all that is needed for someone. For example, when someone is lifting weights and is getting worn down and weak, he may just need someone to encourage him and to push him to keep on going if necessary, by physically picking that person up and urging them to keep on moving forward. Either way, friends are stronger together than they are by themselves.
A good friend will teach the morals of a true friend. A good friend will be there when they are most needed. A person can always count on them. When someone needs guidance, sometimes friends are the only ones that can help. This is why “[f]riends are good. You need them; you have to be a friend to have a friend.” (Klam 217). Being in a friendship takes two people. Teenagers can learn a lot from each other such as how to show respect or treat others with kindness, but most importantly, how to be a friend. This is why teenage friendships are very important.
From friends, people can learn how to treat others with kindness and respect. There is no easy way to get through life without showing these qualities. For example, when someone sees a friend open the door for his teacher, he can learn the value of treating women with...

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