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An Effective Parenting Style Essay

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Parents have a major role in their children lives because of how they decided to raise their children. Parents tell their children what is right and what is wrong. According to the Wikipedia, “Parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing.” As parents use the technique to raise their children, they also shaped their value and personality. “Parenting style considers the balance between two aspects of parenting, namely, control, and warmth” (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p. 1041). The most commonly heard parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved. Authoritative parenting is the one with most control and provide the least amount of support whereas authoritarian parenting also has most control, but with more support. Permissive parenting parents give their children all the supports that are needed and not much of the control. Uninvolved parents are basically similar to carless parents; they give nearly no support and no control to their children. Which style of parenting did your parent(s) use on you?
In 2009, the American Academy Pediatrics published a journal along with a research case, Associations Between Parenting Styles and Teen Driving, Safety-Related Behaviors and Attitude. The study was claiming to be how parenting related to the behavior of driving. By the end of the study, it was suggested by professionals that parents should set limits for their children freedom (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p. 1042-1043). The case study had proven that young adults who were raised by high controlling and least supportive parent(s) had a significant number of differences compare to the parent(s) who were uninvolved with the children’s business; young adults with authoritative parent(s) suffer from less crashes as a driver than parent(s) who mind their own business. Statistically, the number difference for adolescents with authoritative and uninvolved parents is higher than .30. Compare to the according to one of the tables provided by the study, there was no significant difference between authoritarian and permissive parenting; the differences within the two types of parenting is no more than .10 (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p. 1044).
It is a law to wear the seat belt at all time when the vehicle is on the road; however it is not proven by professional that ten out of ten drivers or passenger have their seatbelt on when the vehicle is in action. The same study from American Academy Pediatrics tells adolescents with controlling parent, authoritative and authoritarian, are most likely to wear seat belts (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p. 1043). As authoritative and authoritarian parents believe that seatbelts are equal to safety (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p. 1043); therefore, they socialized and...

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