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It is usually very important for any restaurant, not just a college restaurant to have a proper floor plan that will ensure proper flow of activities and service. Failure of which usually leads to mishaps for example guests finding it difficult to locate the guest room or even getting lost on their way there, servers and guests bumping into each other while going round a sharp corner or when individuals have to take a seat next to a stranger(s) so as to give space for another individual to go through an aisle way. So as to avoid such situations while coming up with the plan of the restaurant, it is necessary to investigate the specific needs of the restaurant which in this particular case include; 3000 sq. foot burger restaurant on a small college campus in New Jersey. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, light breakfast and beverages will be served. The opening hours of the restaurant will be 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. The seating space will be accommodating 100 customers at tables that seat 4 persons each. The staff will comprise of one chief chef, 3 assistant chefs and 6 kitchen staff.
The Basics of a Restaurant Floor Plan
A restaurant’s floor plan has a number of important factors that have to be taken into consideration especially the location of the restrooms, dining areas and the kitchen. All restaurants ought to have a practical and functional floor plan that takes into account the flow of the users from the dining space to the restrooms or from the kitchen to the dining space. Waiting areas and hostess stations ought to be placed at the front of the restaurant where individuals first enter the restaurant. The public restrooms, bar and the dining space are other spaces that also have to be placed at the front of the restaurant.
Kitchen floor plans of restaurants should also egg on natural traffic flow, enabling the easy movement of the employees or users efficiently and quickly. Some of the spaces that may have to be included in a restaurant floor plan include; food store/food storage space, a dishwashing area, cooking stations and food preparation areas. Other additional support areas may include; a break room at the rear of the facility, employee bathrooms and an office.
Staff Considerations
Every member of the staff has varied demands pertaining to the restaurant. The chief chef will be concerned with functionality and maneuverability of the kitchen while the manager will is likely to be more concerned with matters related to security and access to delivery.
Considering the type of meals that are to be offered in the restaurant i.e. burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, light breakfast and beverages, the kitchen will have to be high quality. The kitchen ought to have enough space to accommodate all the equipment that should be installed besides being spacious enough to have room for the chief chef, the 3 assistant chefs and the 6 kitchen staff. The kitchen will play host to spaces such as the dishwashing area,...

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